Tue. Oct 4th, 2022
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Original title: Wear ancient costume to destroy 5 actors of figure, zhang Yishan becomes local ruffian part, sungong Lei Huo resembles fortune-telling Do not know everybody notices a kind of such phenomena, the homebred teleplay that the last few years comes to our country also is development is very pretty good, appeared not only the homebred teleplay of various high quality, connecting teleplay of a few foreign countries also is to be introduced in succession. Tell the truth actually, see teleplay to a lot of people it is one kind loosen means very well, and in the process that seeing teleplay, a lot of people can loosen his body and mind.

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Tell the truth actually, through these teleplay we can discover, come a few this years the type of all sorts of teleplay also emerges in endlessly, also cent is contemporary theatrical work and ancient costume drama haply, actually we can discover, to a few actors, they perform ancient costume theatrical work after acting to be together now again, although can give a person a kind very the feeling with colourful Jing, but the person that we can discover a lot of moment is to suit ancient costume not quite really.

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Small today arrange 5 actors that will take everybody to have a look at those to wear ancient costume to damage image. Zhang Yishan regards a youth as the actor for, his the last few years comes also is exceedingly hot, a lot of moment of his personate is part of a few contemporary theatrical work, but after putting on ancient costume when him, zhang Yishan also was to become part of a local ruffian, look exceedingly additional kind. But besides Zhang Yishan, jin Dong also is such.

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A lot of now with in of the Near East belong to a kind of very handsome figure to appear, but after putting on ancient costume when him, look not to come out where is good, but always feel where very eccentric. Besides, zhao Youting and Zhu Yawen also are such, two their people are the type that suits ancient costume not quite, but if say to fit the person of ancient costume least of all, that has to be Sun Gonglei.

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Once after Sun Gonglei changes antediluvian outfit, look seeming is a fortune-telling, and goat moustache still has photo, looking is exceedingly additional really kind, and many people also are to feel black still to business suit black sunglasses suits him.

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To this, what kind of view does everybody have?

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