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Original title: Although Mo Lan did not get offline, but the marriage with Liang Han is exist in name only however, eventually she learns a change! Although Mo Lan did not get offline, but the marriage with Liang Han is exist in name only however, eventually she learns a change! ” know to deny ” be about to big ending, and in newest gut premonitory in, the final final result of each characters also is to be destined already it seems that. if say Na Molan, she is final although fail to get offline thoroughly, but had ripped turn against thoroughly because of she and Liang Han, the marriage that is this two people also is exist in name only only. Below a such blow, the Mo Lan nowadays also is to learn a change eventually, resembling no longer is former days that kind, can wanton verbal and sarcastic other, a little convergent instead.

20220201043407 61f8b83f0a421

Before wanting to know to be in early, mo Lan when with Liang Han two people rip turn against, she once remained puzzled after pondering over sth a hundred times, unidentified Bai Wei what can she and Liang Han walk along to that kind of degree? Because look in Mo Lan, she before and even everything what what do nowadays, that is according to before Lin Xiaoniang teachs him go doing! Oneself young woman controlled those who fill the home so namely, why is she no good? Even, the Mo Lan in those days still suspects for a time, where did oneself make mistake, can ability cause the situation nowadays?

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But her little imagine, this is Lin Xiaoniang from at the beginning with respect to err! For this, when filling old father to discover the truth, lin Xiaoniang just can die so quickly! Had torn thoroughly because of Mo Lan and bridge Han face, for this their marriage of 2 people, also be exist in name only stopped! In Liang Jia, what Mo Lan also won’t have the man again is favorite, and the scene that makes old a polite form of address for a young woman and face!

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And in newest big ending premonitory in, mo Lan is in experienced so a variety of later, also be to go up again line. But she nowadays, it is however did not make evil spirit again, become a little different instead! She resembles no longer is former days that kind, meeting dress is bright-coloured beautiful beautiful clothes, go verbal and sarcastic other, look for indolence everywhere fast, however alone the dress with one person simple and simple dress, sitting carriage appears in the government office that consider Hou, go visitting oneself 6 little sisters.

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Of course, this is not Mo Lan go actively going to Hou Fu, however Ming Lan issued Bai Tie, hou Fu will get together before the 4 elder sisters that invite his. Tell the truth, when Mo Lan sees that Bai Tie at first, it is to did not think of Ming Lan can not plan past grudge continues to invite his, after all she ever crossed Ming Lan intentionally caustically, let her do not have face in public!

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But who knows when Ming Lan of Mo Lan good-bye when, ming Lan comes up to be opposite her inquire after sb’s health, still jokingly even: 4 elder sisters came, be like evening, fish of that blast a huge legendary turtle can be done not have. Mo Lan looks at Ming Lan to treat his so, that instantly also is to feel feel sad ashamed remorses slightly, immediately is laughing to agree: Be, I smell dishes to go with rice became aromatic!

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And talk in two people during, that grandmother also is follow closely and come. She sees Mo Lan also comes to Hou Fu, instantly cannot help laughing genially: 4 girl also came! Whether to also hear grandmother prepares food personally now, also should taste the craft of grandmother? Mo Lan looks at grandmother so, that is regret of feel sad ashamed more, after all, she in former days ever still had called grandmother old bewitching mother-in-law stealthily!

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But two people are opposite grandmother and Ming Lan so nowadays she, let her experience the warmth of family! After experiencing the husband and wife with Liang Han to be on bad terms, mo Lan still can enter so sweet atmosphere, the nature below that heart is to be cherished very, want to serve oneself family well only. For this, did not pass how long, when Mo Lan sees grandmother ability to walk is disadvantageous, she also is active before going up, support sb with hand grandmother!

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The Mo Lan nowadays, that can be to be different from really before, she learns to begin convergent strength eventually, need a person well!

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