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Original title: She is ” the most beautiful small clear ” , marry twin of rich and powerful family, nowadays 41 years old still appearance is beautiful She is ” the most beautiful small clear ” , marry twin of rich and powerful family, nowadays 41 years old still appearance beautiful article | In one’s childhood we see cherry small amusement knight-errant drama of Guo Jinyong, always can be full of envy to among them excellent skill in wushu, beautiful to the appearance in drama woman is very infatuate, what be short of least of all in each drama of Jin Yong is beauty, resemble ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” medium small Long Nv and Guo Xiang, ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” the Huang Rong inside and Mu Nianci, ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” medium Ren Ying is filled with He Yueling Shan, ” day dragon 8 ” Wang Yuyan of medium immortal elder sister and A bright red, still have ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” medium Zhao Min and Zhou Zhi if. Respecting ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” can think of that amorous Zhang Moji, someone says he is broken bits male, wander back and forth between many women, also somebody feels only Zhao Min follows him just is to match absolutely, but the superexcellent person selected that still having a person actually also is Zhang Moji wife, it is that understanding, always take care of comprehensive small clear.

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Though ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” have many version, also many people go out had acted ” small clear ” this part, but have one edition only ” small clear ” the most thorough popular feeling, it is Su Youpeng that edition, the small clear that acts by Chen Xiuli. Chen Xiuli is in drama the small clear of personate although the appearance of an actor is rustic, look to also do not have what window, beautiful without the appearance that Zhou Zhi is like a beauty, also do not have candid and clever disposition of Zhao Min, but can look although dress up,go out very common, this edition small clear of Chen Xiuli still very beautiful, because this still is called ” the most beautiful small clear ” . Besides appearance conspicuous beyond, the Chen Xiuli expression in drama is very good still, acting also is to be able to be encircled can nod, the unselfish love that treats Zhang Moji lets a person very use a facial expression, just say Zhang Moji has small clear so a such wives are very good still.

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Chen Xiuli is born in China, but follow all the time parents lives in Malaysia, depending on later ” not old fokelore ” go out just about in Singapore, after having name, ability develops to inland. It is first ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” in the small clear of kind-hearted tenderness, it is after ” sly pretty princess ” the Wen Mei of great villain in drama inside, chen Xiuli will ” Wen Mei ” this part deduces the ground very reach the designated position, treat female advocate cruel and evil, but what still take the clumsy that nod clumsy is lovely, everybody likes Zhang Na to pull the princess of personate at that time, because of Wen Mei often circumvent princess, everybody is right this part hates Chen Xiuli the tooth is crawlily, it is good that actually this also proved her acting to have many just about, make a person deep enter sport.

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The progress that Chen Xiuli encircles in recreation at that time is good still, if continue to wait for,go down before long possible bright red big violet, but at that time she chose those who end her to deduce career however, married rich and powerful family, became wife of rich and powerful family. Chen Xiuli’s husband is magnate of factory of a shoe Liu Jie is overcome, though Liu Jie gram is a plute, but not be our impression is medium the sort of ” old man ” model, grow in vain however fair and snow-white, be smart, look with Chen Xiuli very suit. The Chen Xiuli after marriage passes intently went up the life of photograph husband godchild, two people feeling is very good, from beginning to end very conjugal love, chen Xiuli was delivered of twin daughter, grow very lovelily, the family is together happy and perfect.

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The Chen Xiuli nowadays already 41 years old, but the mark that did not see give years from her face, what she can bask in a few family in gregarious platform accidentally is daily according to, can look reach she is well off now, it is to bringing the smile with one happy face every time, can imagine the life has how happy. She is ” the most beautiful small clear ” , marry twin of rich and powerful family, nowadays 41 years old still appearance is beautiful, say rich and powerful family is like the sea greatly, but not certain also, still basically want to see a person, should marry only was opposite person, the individual is then enough love you, marry resembling in what kind of family is in sweet canister the life is worn. Hope everybody also can find a good a home to return to, having a person that loves you and a happy family is the woman is best maintain article, no matter passed how long, meet those who be permeated with a girl to jubilate, do you feel?

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