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Original title: Why to say Gu Tingye calls Xiaoqin ” mother ” stem from sincerity? Square Jing becomes aware in blaze the cruelty of the destiny Recently ” know to deny ” received big final result eventually, a few great villain in drama in drama get offline eventually so far, health maternal aunt is scolded even death would not expiate all his crimes, the dead most gratifying to the people of graceful woman, did not think of big Boss of this culminating villain in drama causes an audience however however a sigh, be entrapped by its repeatedly even old Gu Tingye is final in blaze Chao Xiaoqin called ” maternal ” , let Jing of one ticket audience drop glasses, one part audience is opposite this unimaginably queer, think this is Gu Tingye even in act in a play, but show,milistary exploit is in nowadays personally, get of regard highly consider what reason do 2 have to want to be before the person of checkmate again act in a play?

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Small make up think in order to consider the nature of 2, this mother he is to cry sincerely necessarily go out! Does everybody still remember the government-owned home evaluation to Gu Tingye, he ever had said Gu Tingye looks be like is a careless, the fierce of harum-scarum impulse will, but actually idea careful, integrity is kind-hearted, no matter how is Xiaoqin held in both hands at the outset,kill him, but the childhood in his sadness loneliness she is exclusive from beginning to end those who had given her warmth ” mother ” , even if those are act in a play. Nowadays of this accusation clear ” mother ” arrived life last moment, in his heart also deeply regret, sad also.

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Mainer reason is the sign that he saw he gives birth to Mu Baishi on body of family name of the Qin Dynasty as a child, they two although disposition is complete different, but the destiny that having likeness, xiaoqin says rightly, this Hou government office is a den of monster that sucks blood, finish white family name, Xiaoqin is numerous the woman’s life. Xiaoqin also is proud and wanton at the outset, the woman that the name thes capital of a country completely, she should have the life of beautiful same beauty originally, but because visit the home, she is pulled close this den of monster, all one’s life destroy was in here, never get coming from a husband any doting on.

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Gu Tingye is in although the day that visits the home is unfortunate, but his anyhow has been missed by father sincerity, also be his plan before one’s death became good everything, can you be Xiaoqin? She gave all good time, what can you be to get again? Consider cease happy in have family name of big the Qin Dynasty only, never also understand even Gu Tingwei of one’s own son her pains, still saying to consider 2 elder brothers dead till finally, oneself also won’t raid the rank of nobility to want to let the rank of nobility the lie of young nephew however, the lifetime of Xiaoqin is a complete tragedy, her lifetime hardship plans, act in a play, it is for others, oneself get the gloomy end of a be utterly isolated only finally.

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So Gu Tingye can understand completely, why should Xiaoqin burn this to consider an ancestral temple, she should pull this den of monster to issue hell together! The Gu Tingye that crack oneself up alls over vicissitudes of life of classics the world becomes aware till Jing of this quarter ability the cruelty of the destiny. Either everybody is lucky like Ming Lan, more women are to be in courtyard of rich and powerful family slowly blasted. So small make up say to consider this 2 ” mother ” stem from sincerity completely.

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