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Original title: Column conspicuous is performed south differ 12 years old sister younger brother is loved, female advocate it is her actually, netizen: Must chase after The teleplay of Korea always very can absorbing, it is gut or actor no matter very good-looking, and the male heavenly body of Korea is true raise a key point, different type, those who differ is handsome, always can draw different person. Do not know everybody likes which Korea star, but also having a lot of is everybody is very familiar, for instance conspicuous of pick of Li Zhongshuo, Piao Haizhen, Li Min, Na Zhu is waited a moment a few, it is the actor of very famous gas.

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Column conspicuous believes everybody also likes very much south, also be to go out had performed a lot of teleplay, the figure also is super good, from place following gold dazzle cooperates ” the school 2015 ” , go out via cooperating with Li Sheng to him act ” Jin Fuzhu of weight lifting alluring woman ” , of the calm affection that this drama also is two people make, two people also are the amour continuance from inside drama arrived outside drama, be very sweet really. But do not grow for ages regrettablly, two people did not talk how to long part company. But the acting of Na Zhu conspicuous everybody is be obvious to all, the female star that gives the work partner that act every time also is very famous gas, very good-looking.

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Sowing in heat recently he and bigger than him annals of female actor Han dizzies, younger brother of the sister that perform is loved, collaboration gives the work that perform ” dazzling ” , told about had not used gift oneself time, lost the woman of these time, the time of two men and womens that live the time that differs each other in same time with the man of loaf breaks away from strange unreal love story. Han Zhi dizzies she is acting also is an elder in art circle, act the leading role with Chi Cheng before ” the wife of understanding ” also was to cause close inspect upsurge, this two people partner also is beyond the expect of many people.

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Although there is bigger difference on the age, but the Yan Zhi of two people is not low, the station is together, opposite still for very much Cp feels. And the height that adds Na Zhu conspicuous again is taller, schoolgirl photograph is comparative and inferior, also be composition most bud height is poor. Be in newest in broadcasted gut, because of female Zhu Jinhui child father opened cab to give traffic accident, and the father that answers her to save, took out very long trashy the list that pass, dial the watch, return that early morning every time, she recalls father’s car wildly, also save finally answered father.

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But oneself became old grandma of 70 years old however, a lot of people see this part also is to be touched very much, family is his closest person, because love, so efforts help the family member that winds his, although oneself want to pay very big price, but the life that at least redeemed a family member, so a lot of netizens look to have resonance very much also state regular meeting is chased after, the teleplay subject matter of Korea is very occasionally novel, gut always can cause the person’s resonance, a teleplay before resembling ” reply please 1988 ” , there also is lachrymal dot in this drama laugh at a dot, oneself sign can see in teleplay, very a drama of reality of press close to.

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Actually the teleplay film of Korea and put together art program, can bring a lot of new move to everybody, put together art always is idea point of subject matter laugh is very high, china’s very actually so much put together art the program is the program according to Korea breaks up to pat and be become, the playwrite that shows Korea so always the taste of can very good contented audience, opposite for, the Korea development in industry of movie and TV is pretty good really, and their resource development also is very good, a lot of actor of Chinese just were beginning is to go Korea is become trainee, go out to become famous next, answering home to develop, if give you a chance, whether are you also willing to go Korea study?

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