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Original title: She what if exemplary to pass and know to deny 30 years old,depend on eventually fire, once Sun Lihai Qing Dynasty does not have her partner red She what if exemplary to pass and know to deny 30 years old,depend on eventually fire, once Sun Lihai Qing Dynasty does not have her partner red we know to also exist in recreational group very Duobuwen not igneous actor, their acting did not explode red over- , the career is smooth all the time make the same score certain state, encircle the star of line of a lot of just a little in recreation actually, they why exceedingly hot, natural resources is especially other good, main reason is them after having his moment by right of role of character of the fictile in a teleplay, gradually by a lot of person hep, the person that invites after also subsequently grow in quantity, they can have their moment for many times, ascend body a gleam of stars.

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But also have actress actor, they carried very unfortunately, it is good luck probably insufficient coincidence! Their ginseng performs much ministry teleplay, the part that acts inside did not let them have one’s moment, also be they receive the teleplay quality that take probably not quite tall! Content is not quite absorbing classical! Of early days although they are joined perform much ministry teleplay but as before not lukewarm not fire, did not explode red over- , but they perserve, still hold to oneself act art career, improving improvement ceaselessly acting, make their acting gets harden oneself, wait for acting after the level is remarkable, greet good luck to be able to explode red. Zhang Jia is such actor rather.

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Rose the career is for peace apparently to Zhang Jia 2018 period, her career is advance rapidly rises at a draught, one this year her career greets big bumper harvest. Heat up China of a few sowed number is not much big play 18 years, she is joined performed two great theatrical work, viewing rate of these two drama is those who comparative is tall, it is extremely classic renown theatrical work, they are respectively ” if exemplary,pass ” , and year of end ” know to deny ” .

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We know to fight theatrical work in palace ” if exemplary,pass ” in, what Zhang Jia acts rather is hind first what palace Mongolia the wife of a prince as concubine of an emperor, also be the main character of combat of the palace after later period, have bully energy of life, have calculation. The incisively and vividly that the Zhang Jia in drama produces this one part rather, acting is appropriate, in one numerous well-known actress intermediate a bit is not shown jerky, jiang Yingfei of this part depict reach the designated position.

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And the wife of a prince of opposite Yu Ying this part, more letting what she gives prize should be ” know to deny ” medium 5 little sisters if orchid. This is simple and young and ignorant and capricious, beautiful, but occasionally very selfish part, deduce in what Zhang Jia coulds there be, this part is lively, a lot of audiences express to liked to go up this part.

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Actually He Rulan of clever the wife of a prince is two completely different figures, a lot of people won’t think of these two parts possibly at a draught is by same individual personate. One sedate, one capricious, but Zhang Jia takes these rather hold very well. Zhang Jia of these two drama’s peaceful acting is very masterly.

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Its are honest the big hot play 2017 ” chicken feather flies on a day ” in, zhang Jia is rather in drama personate the role with very full play of a heart, this is most can test of the acting of an actor, part around contrast is very big, what this kind of change needs is acting amiable field, can not act casually. But Zhang Jia acts very well rather, this at that time bear the palm countless teleplay, made Zhang Jia peaceful also get affirmation again.

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Although Zhang Jia coulds there be to be compared with photograph of actor of a few a gleam of, fame is not very big, but she is one’s previous experience of regular professional training also be an old show bone, had cooperated with actor of numerous and famous a gleam of, for instance grandson the actor such as Qing Dynasty of couple, sea has cooperated. This prospectus beautiful accumulated very tall person to enrage rather, also harvested experience.

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2018 to a year the bumper harvest is for Zhang Jia peace, because around has 4 drama to leave,sow, and among them two still make big IP greatly, obtained delectable result. And was worth to expect more to Zhang Jia peace 2019, likewise wonderful teleplay leaves sow, cooperative actor also has famous actual strength of of superior grade of Yu Hewei, classics to send an actor. So, let the Zhang Jianing that we expect to be about to greet.

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