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Original title: ” celestial being sword 3 ” branch of 10 thousand jade, 36 years old return the United States to must resemble goddess, pardonable 17 years old are remembered with concern to go up by husband This year is ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed 3 ” the 10th year when broadcast, so old past to the part in play, gut as before can know sth thoroughly, embalm, it is thus clear that this play has how to succeed, grow besides violet Xuan in drama dear, Xue Jianjing day, brook is geomantic green jade these 3 pairs of CP, still one pair is alluded very less, that is in namely person of red-spotted stonecrop group searchs the fox bewitching that Tulingzhu encounters in road branch of 10 thousand jade!

20220201043638 61f8b8d617436

She orders the man that get a severe disease to save, of one mind contends for Tulingzhu, got the compassion of violet Xuan and help, become man of work bring back to life finally, stay together with its, it is a goodness spoony fine-looking woman.

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When seeing play in those days, feel this actor grows branch of 10 thousand jade very beautifully, because be fox bewitching, there is the taste of be puzzled of a coquettish evil spirit on the body so, nevertheless the Xiao Jie of Liu of the person that act of 10 thousand jade branches ever disclosed, at first she of this part calm makeup illuminating is a suit Bai Yi, the hair on the head acts the role of the ball of cloth with soft nap that also is the sort of white, but try makeup late now too celestial being, unlike fox bewitching, so the play staff is driven to her with respect to the same night made a new clothing, namely the figure that everybody sees now, particularly classical.

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And Liu Xiaojie is not the act person that decides branch of 10 thousand jade formerly, in find her to go out before performing this role, the play staff has had person selected, and had switched on the mobile phone, but the feeling that patted the director after a day to feel that actor does not have branch of 10 thousand jade, call Liu Xiaojie to save, replaced that actor come down, the play staff is at ease look for her, because there has been the collaboration that passes twice with her before this,be, ” celestial being sword 3 ” it is the work that Tang Ren manufactures, before this she and Tang Ren had cooperated work of two ancient costume, and everybody should have had looked.

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” Liao Zhai’s strange woman ” the first time that is she and Tang Ren cooperates, she is ” eunuch woman ” the person that labour acts unit Ge Liang, admire Yu Nan in the heart advocate Wen Ruchun, but Wen Ruchun fell in love with Zhao Huanniang of young lady of a thousand pieces of gold however, die for love of two people agreement, but the father and mother that has old because of the home, wen Ruchun break a contact, after Zhao Huanniang is dead, arrowroot fine labour is accompanied all the time beside Wen Ruchun, two people experienced a lot of things, at that time the soul of eunuch woman also returned this world, but she kind-hearted not of dispute Wen Ruchun betray, aid them instead two people go.

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The teleplay that 7 years she waits for a person to act the leading role in Hu Ge, Peng Yuyan ” teenager Yang Jiajiang ” in the wife Du Jine of personate Yang Qilang He Xiaolin two parts, peng Yuyan performs 7 man, firm get married before long he with respect to battlefield of die in the last ditch, the good memory that Du Jine brings move and him is vidual, the epigenesis that is in for Yang Men daughter will one of.

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In 9 years ” celestial being sword 3 ” later Liu Xiaojie goes out again rarely perform ancient costume work, threw what army brigade makes fun of to film however in the center, so these year fame is minorrer and minorrer also.

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In play Liu Xiaojie always performs a few spoony and concentrated women, also be such outside play, she and marital Xu Honghao are acquainted 17 years old, this year just also is them 10 years when marry, among the recreational group that divorces easily in star, their love story is the existence like fairy tale simply.

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Before Liu Xiaojie is checking art school, it is to learn orchestic, the master of ceremonies of a children that still becomes local TV station in 98 years, next the performance that she checked Nanjing artistic institute 2000 is, also be that year she encountered Xu Honghao.

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Xu Honghao is bigger than her 10 years old, after the university graduates at that time, he was allocated some song and dance ensemble of Nanjing works, await them in those days next a sport should be taken in the group, in them the school looks for an actor, that year Liu Xiaojie just checked school of enter a school, firm military training is over, because grow beautifully, xu Honghao falls in love at first sight to her, left her her telephone number, the connection that lets her what needs to help he, but Liu Xiaojie just took an examination of an university at that time, ability is 17 years old, and Xu Honghao became big she is so much, growing also is not the sort of brilliant and handsome schoolboy, so Liu Xiaojie does not have connection 4 years to cross him after that.

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Say the string that they can be together or Mr. Wang Jinsong pulls, although Liu Xiaojie had not contacted him 4 years, dan Xuhong grand is right all the time her bear in mind constantly, when taking sport with Mr. Wang Jinsong later, know to ability original Wang Jinsong knows her a little, he offers to look for Liu Xiaojie to gues-star them to be being patted ” contact intimately for the first time ” this play, this also is first work that Liu Xiaojie gives, also be their drama that decide affection.

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Liu Xiaojie is entered they engaged a period of time after the group, xu Honghao is right her good impression times add, want more sturdily to chase after her meaning, at that time nevertheless he encountered a difficult problem again.

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Because of graduation hind, liu Xiaojie should answer native place to looked for a play staff to work, this takes the chance that the likelihood also did not meet again, so Xu Honghao made an appointment with her come out, he is a very honest person, to show oneself good faith, he places Id, bankbook in her before, say not to want to miss her with her, hope she can stay for him, he dare not say other commitment, but if he remains a bowl of meal only in the future, regular also meeting leaves her entirely, such man is too god-given in this industry, also very make a person enchanted, although what didn’t Liu Xiaojie say at that time, but she stayed, gave Xu Honghao a best answer namely.

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After getting along 5 years, liu Xiaojie married this big oneself man of 10 years old, xu Honghao also is her first love, up to now after marriage 10 years, their conjugal love has add, sweet as before.

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The work that says Liu Xiaojie to be able to contact army brigade subject matter and husband also have particular concern, because of Xu Honghao from the is subject matter of battle of army brigade, espionage mostly work that since going out, films, probably you are right Xu Honghao this name is a bit new, but the work that you had seen him film certainly, he is a very fine actor, in army brigade play this domain has proper place, his a tough guy resembles thorough popular feeling all right, famouser work has ” hunt poisonous person ” ” special alarm force ” ” live wire hits out ” ” Chinese cavalry is connected ” ” my brother makes arrange smooth ” etc, but those who make him true have one’s moment is ” I am special type arms ” the work of series!

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” I am special type arms ” this series is in in those days very fire, 3 of this series he has ginseng act, and Liu Xiaojie performed two among them, one is ” the igneous phoenix of special type arms ” , and ” the sharp that I am special type arms gives scabbard ” , in ” sharp gives scabbard ” in her personate of Wu Jing before cummer, married from the back Wang Yadong, but her husband was sacrificed by manslaughter finally.

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Be in ” the igneous phoenix of special type arms ” in Liu Xiaojie personate female advocate Xie Cunxin, this also is one of parts that she has a delegate most, this drama leaves after sowing, close inspect go high all the way, in drama her personate rich 2 generation, object to finish a dream to disregard mom resolutely joined the army a soldier, she performance is superior joins group of igneous phoenix assemble for training later, became soldier of a special type.

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But the openly soldier figure that revises before two season in the Xu Honghao in this play, gues-star a black cat of great villain in drama in performing theatrical work, and the father that in this play he still performed wife Liu Xiao Jie, this is interesting, arrive from husband and wife father daughter, hear at first should perform black cat this part, xu Honghao heart also refuses.

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Besides this relation with Liu Xiaojie, still having is advanced two he is the military figure that compares the face in the ministry, want him suddenly to perform a hellion, he is afraid that the audience is not accepted, but because the play staff is in ceaselessly,he does the work, he is biting a tooth or take this sport, and the effect that comes out finally is quite good still, the acceptance of the audience is spent very tall also.

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These archives of year of Liu Xiaojie, Xu Honghao’s husband and wife has performed many work, in 10 years their son Mi Dou is born after a many month, they were taking a son to be patted together ” ice is glacial water ” , look two still have husband and wife the actor takes after intent invites a son of this road.

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Before Wu Jin character has not become famous, she is in teleplay ” hassle ” in acted female 3 Jiang Ziyun, and female advocate the Shen Yan that is Liu Xiaojie personate.

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The work of army brigade subject matter is bad to pat, physical strength is used up very big, get hurt easily still, xu Honghao has said like them these actors hope to be able to take God theatrical work particularly, do not have a thing to drink drink coffee, fall in love with the belle.

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Liu Xiaojie acted the leading role last year a contemporary theatrical work ” forward one pace is happy ” , this is the work that she gives 10 old first time to take this kind of subject matter, before she is not patting army brigade to make fun of is ancient costume drama, and in this play she performed a sea to put in a brilliant student ‘s charge, many years old 30 still are so young and beautiful it seems that.

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She just fights a green work is the arrest poison drama that cooperates with Ou Hao ” black and white forbidden zone ” , husband Xu big grand also has ginseng act, before paragraph she returns time to be basked in in small gain gave the group photo with 14 years old of young actors in play, look completely not to come out their age difference is near 21 years old.

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And Liu Xiaojie and Dong Xuan grow really too resembled, they differred one year old only, with respect to this piece of photograph, who you can recognize is Dong Xuan, who is Liu Xiaojie?

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Say with respect to somebody on the net He Dongxuan of Tong beautiful Ya is common before a piece of face, look now, it is them three is common a piece of face, this likeness is spent too tall also.

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But compared with Dong Xuan, Tong Liya, liu Xiaojie’s marriage is more satisfactory, also marry was opposite person, be acquainted with Xu Honghao from 17 years old, be in love to 21 years old, 26 years old marry, they are bilateral very preserve one’s moral integrity, what red had not come out to hear after marriage, feeling very be close friends, they still have a lovely son, 3 pass very happily.

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Liu Xiaojie this year already 36 years old, but maintain first-rately, still resemble a girl of many years old 20 it seems that, although not be special fire, but in army force market, their husband and wife two it is a vivid fascia, those who act is not a men and women advocate, also be the costar of heavyweight, sureness respects property, doing lacy news to acclaim is so much of their husband and wife year the good impression that gives authority, still hope Liu Xiaojie takes theatrical work of a few ancient costume more nevertheless, grow so good-lookingly, do not pat ancient costume regrettablly.


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