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Original title: Into row 25 years first degrees weigh the Supreme Being! 51 years old of TVB are born when wife and children do not have a portion to act ” flying tiger 2 ” : Had done Zhen Feihu Click top right corner ” attention ” know newest TVB information everyday article editor drama shows a company: Jackson last year with drama anthology ” bouncing lifeline ” the Ma Dezhong of big heat, 3 years are lain between to return mew to pat drama to still get common feelings of people greatly again when, with drama anthology energy of life of person giving a market explodes he of the lamp, the heat that wins netizen and audience is held in both hands! Finally, more brave seizes 2018 year myriad astral brightness prize-giving celebration ” optimal hero ” award, into row 25 years first degrees become Hong Kong to inspect the Supreme Being!

20220201043719 61f8b8ffea938

Yesterday, ma Dezhong attends Shao net theatrical work personally now ” the thunderbolt pole battle of flying tiger ” banquet of evil spirit division, although he does not have a ginseng to perform this theatrical work, but actually Ma Dezhong is entered is before travel it is a police really, and in wireless ever also acted flying tiger team for two times, figure also is not constant development common feelings of people!

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Suffer when visitting, ma Dezhong expresses: ” although I had not acted, but I had been done true ” flying tiger ” , experience this atmosphere presumably! (have fun at take the 3rd part? ) think of course, but offer one’s services is trashy, want proper role place to need to just go! “

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It is Ma Dezhong of 51 years old, most antedate to joined in wireless banner lays progress 1993, inchoate he holds the position of male byplay centrally in much department theatrical work portion, for instance ” marital content language ” , ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” , ” the real situation ” ” III of front courtyard of one size emperor ” , ” also be wife adieu ” , ” Fang Shiyu and Qianlong emperor ” and ” archives of criminal track down and arrest ” etc.

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Till 1999, ma Dezhong holds the position of the 3rd hero first degrees to receive the part that take theatrical work ” pet love reason ” , pet doctor Lin Xueren is acted in drama the attention that one horn makes a person win an audience, begin to be known for audience place gradually, person energy of life also rises urgently accordingly. Later, he continues to enter histrionic market with status of the 3rd hero again ” the fate brings lovers together of a thousand li wraps up wrong circle ” , make him famous spend soar.

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2000, ginseng of equestrian heart bell acts wireless heavy head drama ” achieve a century ” , advance of flourish of leaf of villain in drama is acted in drama one horn makes him formally prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, in this drama, ma Dezhong has more favour and before TVB is presiding and n/COL the head of a family female role Wang Mingquan cooperates, get outside attention fully. After this, road of star of equestrian heart bell turns greatly begin to acquire wireless put sb in a very important position, more the first hero receives Rong Sheng take part of much department theatrical work.

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He carries the drama anthology that has actinging the leading role to include ” without do not take an examination of enemy ” , ” develop the sky ” , ” phoenix quartet ” , ” happy match of balefire adventure knot ” , ” hotel wind and cloud ” , ” contend for hegemony ” , ” years wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation ” , ” fell in love with a thief before.

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From this later, ma Dezhong is sedate husband of acting 2000 TVB is young those who lay one seat, get the favor of the audience and support greatly with outstanding acting, often also act the part of discipline army because of him, the part of this kind of drama that makes always act the leading role by him basically closes inspect very tall, hold in both hands by the heat of the audience.

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2011, ma Dezhong announces to restrict full wireless development leaving mew, and ” flying tiger ” made last work inside he and wireless handlers agreement. Later, inland of fight in some places one by one of equestrian heart bell develops, during passing also all the time with wireless maintain good cooperation to concern, make an appointment with formal collaboration to take theatrical work with department head.

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very rich to taking drama experience Ma Dezhong, the leading role aureola that comes for years, the decent part that makes him had acted is too much really, he says frankly oneself are uptodate what miss an attempt most is the challenge performs great villain in drama. He says: ” part of villain in drama will be interesting a lot of! (need not does seem act ” flying tiger ” hold flesh again and again in that way? ) either, villain in drama can bask in flesh, ha! (how does plan of New Year of the traditional Chinese calendar pass? ) can go Australia accompanies a son, cross the New Year of a summer. (what a major programme of lasting importance to have one year newly? ) of short duration has no a major programme of lasting importance, it is to want to do exercise, want to have energy to the person, healthy sense! “

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