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Original title: Involuntary discharge of urine of funeral of swallow of Shun of bridge of senior actor of 90 years old of TVB is illuminated choose stage photo, embellish of Liu Dehua week sends a flower to grieve over Swallow of Shun of bridge of Hong Kong senior actor will fail to die of illness in Hong Kong because of the organ on August 13, die at the age of is 90 years old. Of Liang Shunyan die the actor that your Hong Kong performs art circle to lose an outstanding Ju Degao to hope to weigh again, after the message is made public, actor of your circle inside and outside feels quite astonish with sad. On September 5 this day, liang Shunyan’s family is her to hold funeral in funeral parlour of Hong Kong red Chu , a lot of actor inside the circle come round to send Liang Shunyan last Cheng, the popularity before seeing Liang Shunyan be born is very wide, the respect that gets authority fully and love.

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Liang Shunyan is actor of TV of Hong Kong elder, she was in TV station of home of Hong Kong head 1957 beautiful TV becomes an actor, became actress of TV of Hong Kong first place, did not think of her this did the profession of this actor to be accomplished 2019, calculate come down she serves group of Hong Kong TV to had exceeded 62 years, live to be typically to often act namely really old, in fact, will get a severe disease in July in Liang Shunyan before be in hospital, she just kills blueness the work of a TVB ” Chinese quarter ” , ever still will attend propaganda in June, because except breaks out be laid up, she still insists to want to receive take new theatrical work, the spirit that respect property sees one spot.

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Besides it is an actor besides, liang Shunyan is inchoate still hold the position of the compere, member that announce the items on a program to work in the TV station, had directed a lot of programs, once came 1964 between 1967 obtain the most welcome TV 4 years continuously female art award of cup of Yuan Lisheng gold, become the flower of news of Hong Kong first place. Of course compared with do compere, liang Shunyan more have deep love for act in a play, she joined TVB the 2nd degree 1990, open the her more long career that take sport. Sport is taken in TVB these year, liang Shunyan goes out had performed countless drama anthology, most classical nothing is more… than 90 time film ” the real situation ” , in drama of her personate ” classy person ” thorough popular feeling, let Liang Shunyan finally have ” classy person ” this elegant say, be called all the time today, be in additionally some closer year drama anthology includes ” affined ” , ” hero of city stockaded village ” and even just broadcast ” wind and cloud of recrudesce of bag blue sky ” in the part of her show makes a person remember profundity.

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Bridge Shun Yan Congyi exceeds 62 years, in beautiful TV (inferior inspect predecessor) , the drama part that TVB has taken countless, has cooperated actor countless, popularity is very so wide, want honorific title probably with respect to Lian Wangming Quan her teacher, enter at the beginning of inchoate Wang Mingquan when going, liang Shunyan is formal adviser of Wang Mingquan, before plus bridge Shun Yan Zailin dies, still insist to act in a play, no matter be TV,so the elder of the circle still is posterity, everybody is acquainted with her, very respect her, everybody did not think of all along healthy Liang Shunyan to will be admitted to hospital in July, will die in August.

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Liang Shunyan two grandchildren on September 5, liang Shunyan’s funeral is held in funeral parlour of Hong Kong red Chu , afternoon 3 when make, liang Shunyan’s family is already present get ready, 6 when Xu Zheng type is held grieve over ceremony, land add add is very much the actor inside the circle comes round to send Liang Shunyan last Cheng, include Xuan Xuan, Hu Dingxin, Yao Ziling, Zhou Cong, Bao Qijing, Ceng Lizhen, Li Keqin’s couple, Wang Mingquan, Li Siqi, Hu Feng.

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Among them 87 years old of Hu Feng most feeling, he expresses to have wish unfinished with Liang Shunyan, many year ago two people had cooperated together a song, original plan has an opportunity to be able to be in teleplay chorally, the result dies to did not fulfil this wish till Liang Shunyan, this also makes Hu Feng feels very compunctious with sad.

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Besides grieve over before numerous actor, still many actor include Liu Dehua, Zhou Runfa’s couple, Zheng Shaoqiu, Wu Mengda, Lin Jiadong, Li Yaoxiang, Zhao Yazhi the actor such as the family has send.

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Returning those who be worth to be carried is, liang Shunyan is devotional Catholic before one’s death, accordingly whole funeral is given priority to with Catholic ceremony, mourning hall is decorated contracted, grave, the spot bestrewed the lily that likes most with Liang Shunyan, centrally placed Liang Shunyan’s involuntary discharge of urine to illuminate, involuntary discharge of urine is illuminated is to choose be in from Liang Shunyan TVB drama anthology ” gold is guilty ” medium stage photo, the grandchildren according to Liang Shunyan discloses, choose stage photo, because stage photo is patted quite beautifully,be, and Liang Shunyan loves very much again before one’s death beautiful, talent will be special use to TVB. And upper part is being taken in involuntary discharge of urine was to be hanged have ” fetch die country ” the board of model of written characters. And mourning hall front row was to lay wreath of two hearts form, all around redistribution wreath, photograph of the children that is Liang Shunyan respectively, grandchildren gives.

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Liang Shunyan will hold mass ceremony in the morning on September 6, decline is sharp at 11 o’clock midday, remains transmits crematory cremation later, according to Liang Shunyan grandchildren expresses, mortar of the bone after Liang Shunyan is cremated is put in Hong Kong, add up to bury together with her husband. Liang Shunyan was circle of Hong Kong movie and TV to contribute a lot of work and force all one’s life, do not have regret all one’s life, even if be on sickbed be laid up when still of one mind thinks rehabilitation comes out to continue to take theatrical work again, it is lifetime really without regret. Wish finally Liang Shunyan, had gone all the way!

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