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Original title: 6 years old of Tong Xing go out, act in a play old not lukewarm not fire, cooperate today 1000 royal seal suffer easy melt greatly attention Guide language: 6 years old of Tong Xing go out, act in a play old not lukewarm not fire, cooperate today 1000 royal seal suffer easy melt greatly attention common saying says: “Famous want before it is too late ” . The age of the star that so a lot of recreation encircle nowadays also is smaller and smaller, and a lot of years Tong Xing gives light actor. But the development of these actors that Tong Xing gives is to be widely divergent however, have become like Guan Xiaotong ” national girl ” , also have what disappear from the scene gradually like Yang Lixiao. But the development of major Tong Xing is like Ma Zehan, although be done not have at present very tall famous degree, but have good prospect however.

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Ma Zehan this actor is a lot of more likely the person is not very familiar, because she is current really name is common. But a Tong Xing that Ma Zehan also is a path early actually. In Beijing courtyard in grown Ma Zehan, be opposite as a child literary and special be interested, ma Zehan begins to enter Oriental chorus to learn dance from. Because the performance in the chorus is very excellent, ma Zehan was disentombed to enter in perform art circle.

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From now on, ma Zehan acts with respect to what began her art career. Nevertheless Ma Zehan begins to take sport truly is to be in she is that 13 years old years, ginseng of equestrian lustre contain performed Yang Tong easy, the teleplay that the person such as Zhang Duo acts the leading role ” the home has husband’s father and mother ” the road of the actor that began her formally thereby. Subsequently, ma Zehan goes out in succession acted ” my parents ” , ” the home is in iron on the west ” wait for teleplay, of collaboration also be Sarina, the actor of big shop sign such as Wang Yan. But because Ma Zehan is in these teleplay,the part of personate is the costar with show very few share, so she did not cause everybody’s attention, it is not lukewarm all the time not igneous condition.

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And Ma Zehan develops in industry of movie and TV not only, 2012 when, ma Zehan attended ” green bud advocate ” the sea of spokesman picks the game, outstanding appearance condition is depended on in the match all the way push forward final. Final Ma Zehan shows itself from inside more than 10000 players, obtained countrywide Ji Jun, still obtained the first when plane films.

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But because,Ma Zehan’s career began to have improvement truly is teleplay ” maritime Mu Yun is written down ” , 2017, the teleplay that ginseng of equestrian lustre contain performs ” maritime Mu Yun is written down ” broadcast. South the teenager of personate of equestrian lustre contain withered month Li one horn got the attention of a lot of people, a lot of audiences are right Ma Zehan’s acting is very satisfactory, and Ma Zehan also had accordingly taller famous degree.

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By right of ” maritime Mu Yun is written down ” after be paid close attention to, ma Zehan’s resource is better and better, she is joined early or late acted ” Li Lei and Han Meimei ” , ” the most ablaze star in night sky ” wait for drama of movie and TV. Although be in these work, of personate of equestrian lustre contain is costar, but her acting also was to get of many audiences praise.

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Not only such, the Huang Zitao that shortly of equestrian lustre contain will broadcast and easy melt the teleplay that 1000 royal seal act the leading role ” colourful situation time new young person ” in, also personate a very important role. Have Huang Zitao and easy melt 1000 royal seal two discharge take on, the expression of equestrian lustre contain in this drama also was to get the attention of a lot of people. Be worth what carry is, this has been the 2nd collaboration of Ma Zehan and Huang Zitao. And, ma Zehan still is the actor of Huang Zitao atelier. Believe the boss that has such him lead by hand, ma Zehan’s future also is to meet of a light.

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Does everybody have the show that has watched Ma Zehan to act? Do you think Ma Zehan’s acting how?

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