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Original title: New theatrical work of TVB of bone of 55 years old of old show cries play makes a person move a look to expose to the sun oneself in those days ” apotheosis a list of names posted up ” masterly acting reason The article edits drama to show a company: Mu Mu without accredit forbidden reprint, the person that discovery borroweds will undertake entire network is complained speak of Yuan Qiongdan bone of this old show, believe everybody has not been familiar with again, her place fictile every part is very classical include pomegranate elder sister, Yan Shiniang to wait, it may be said is acting masterly. In recent years center fines jade arsis of north of inland of red fight in some places one by one makes fun of, had seen she answers Hong Kong to take sport rarely. And last year she answers of lad Zheng Zeshi invite, TVB of the regain after 3 years are being lain between when films drama anthology ” neighbor money as form of a address for an official or rich man ” , believe one numerous drama confuses friends of the ten regression that wait for Yuan Qiongdan in installment make.

20220201043916 61f8b974b8242

What this drama anthology basically tells about is, the king of expensive benefit of Dai Jinzi person that Zheng Zeshi acts, the technique that uses all corners of the country all the time manages finance affairs to put number and gathering, the wife is dissuaded for many times but he is remained impenitent, wear golden young to be gone up to the sky one day however impel day is thundery break off, then he from now on again not maleficent, pass on a society with financial capacity however, become ovation ” neighbor money as form of a address for an official or rich man ” .

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Yuan Qiongdan and Zheng Zeshi often make fun of twice this bone, there is acting of not little whirlwind of adversary play each other this centrally in drama, look a flock of audiences are continuously to call satisfy a craving, and the mother that Yuan Qiongdan is personate Zheng Zeshi this in drama, yuan Qiongdan with respect to speak bluntly be oneself are cheated by Zheng Zeshi, more state her appearance looks younger than Zheng Zeshi 10 years.

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Although saying to be cheated by Zheng Zeshi on the mouth, dan Yuanqiong red still is very serious personate part, come on the stage erupt greatly with respect to acting, get audience people reputably. Case of overbrim of Zheng Zeshi punishment is discussed in drama, when Yuan Qiongdan goes receiving son Zheng Zeshi, did not receive a person however, just know he gets hurt later went to a hospital, she hurries to the be furious after the hospital, the angrily rebuke everybody of in a tearful voice, the acting of that play makes a person use a facial expression.

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Yuan Qiongdan showed body TV city recently, attend ” neighbor money as form of a address for an official or rich man ” propaganda when, speak of her crying mediumly in drama play gets an audience greatly people admiring, very have appeal. She expresses to thank the jubilation of audience friends, oneself can continue to act in a play attentively the work with take more good gives everybody audience friends.

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Subsequently reporters allude, in those days of Yuan Qiongdan is to cry likewise of the apotheosis of play make, be in ” apotheosis a list of names posted up ” in the Yan Shiniang of personate. She discloses, in those days this play just opens lens inside, after taking a week, she receives a phone to say her mom is apoplectic. She was wanting to be not patted at that time, answer Hong Kong to seek mother immediately, but Yuan Qiongdan’s mom calls tell her, he does not have a thing and persuade Yuan Qiongdan must not demit acts, film at that time ” apotheosis a list of names posted up ” when take the place of namely of such mood incisively and vividly cry, final Yuan Qiongdan was patted Hong Kong just is answered after a month almost, visit a mother. When leaving a plane, the mother still accepts her plane personally, let Yuan Qiongdan be touched very, mother love is very great really.

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And Yuan Qiongdan whenever take emotion,make fun of now portion when, can remember oneself deceased mother, convenient generation joins a sentiment ” its implementation is in with me such age, won’t pat be lovelorn these made fun of, tell children and family, when performing mom every time, can remembering oneself mom fosters him is how not easy, because this very fast generation joins a sentiment. “

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And in ” neighbor money as form of a address for an official or rich man ” drama concentration, yuan Qiongdan besides cry of play wonderful, still another large window also caused an audience likewise people heat is discussed. That is already Yuan Qiongdan of 55 years old, will play wet body temptation greatly in drama, the camera lens that the beauty that perform goes out of the bath.

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Final of course be laugh at wind up in order to do, but enough causes an audience people shine before.

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