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Original title: ” I love my home ” ” idler Martha elder sister ” the old cast with casing, start entire network ” memory is killed “ ” I love my home ” ” idler Martha elder sister ” the old cast with casing, start entire network ” memory is killed ” whenever festival of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day, be fully loaded with those who laugh at a dot to add up to a joyous comedy always is with lively festival atmosphere feeling agrees all the more. As the advent of Hu Nianchun section, began again on gregarious platform about ” suit to spend the New Year the scene play that see ” discuss ardently. In comment area, one is in from beginning to end for years ” the top flows ” the classical scene is comedic — 1993 head sow ” I love my home ” , more be alluded repeatedly. 20220201043954 61f8b99a2e3ca Fabaceous valve grading is as high as 9.4, sow nearly 30 years to still be had numerous ” the home is confused ” … regard China as comedy of the first scene, ” I love my home ” the character depict that the clue of characteristic of the language that depends on humorous humour, full of times, press close to lives, not only ” go out namely summit summit ” , at this late hour still is countless popular feeling are medium ” ceiling of domestic scene comedy ” . In this backside, must carry a person — ” the father of Chinese scene comedy ” flower amount to. He takes scene comedy home not only, let Chinese audience fall in love with scene comedy, it is to be made one after another more piece ” idler Martha elder sister ” ” northeast family ” wait for a series of exploding paragraph scene is comedic, bring countless mirth for Chinese family. 20220201043954 61f8b99a41fa3 A good work, can produce far-reaching consequence, and the classical character in drama can make person prolonged unforgettable more. No matter be ” I love my home ” in lively and lovely Gu Yuan circle, ” junior youth ” Gu Zhixin, or ” northeast family ” in simple and honest and lovely Niu Yonggui uncle, ” jubilate enemy ” Niu Jigong He Sunming, or be ” idler Martha elder sister ” in retire to love a canal in the home ” other people’s business ” the Wang Yuan of Martha elder sister, guileless face, it is to be provided extremely the countryman is spent and famous spent part, can says solid return to the name ” discharge takes on ” . Recently, these ” universe of Ying Daxi drama ” medium classical part assembles in scene comedy ” the home and all things are promoted ” , the information that produces dreamy linkage, the instant lets countless netizens open orgiastic mode. 20220201043954 61f8b99a5c437 Speak of this to be about to broadcast at first day of the lunar year ” the home and all things are promoted ” , it may be said ” one’s previous experience is uncommon ” . “Flower amount to move again, know to have ” , by comedy of scene of be familiar with ” cover a region ” flower amount to hold a knife personally hold guide, make everybody comedic to this scene expect originally unceasingly, and the actual strength of the familiar face such as Cai Ming, Li Jianhua, Li Qi, Gong Hanlin, Jin Zhu, Liu Yajin joins in, more one is lifted on the net ” memory is killed ” . Netizen in succession excited express, “Expect! See these names looked with respect to the tear ” , ” must chase after, have here ” . 20220201043954 61f8b99a75cc6 Familiar recipe, familiar flavour, have brand-new surprise more. Below the grumous atmosphere that expects Beijing Olympic Winter Games in the whole people, of rich Beijing characteristic and emotional appeal ” the home and all things are promoted ” strong still was in the forefront of heat. Continued the style of ground connection gas with consistent comedy of flower family name, this scene comedy gives priority to line character good with the enthusiastic youth of Cao raise personate, it is period big setting and story sequence of ideas with the Olympic Winter Games, be opposite through new era Peking Man ” small ” and ” everybody ” deepness is discussed, explode laugh present Beijing old market is new in siheyun adjacent people of humorous warmth ordinary and daily. Came on Feburary 1 on Feburary 12, ” the home and all things are promoted ” will cluck in Mi mobile demon of video, China 100 and lively on line, joy of audience of company throughout the country spends good year. Besides this ” spend the New Year to look surely ” add up to a joyous scene comedy beyond, mobile demon of Mi cluck video, China 100 with the winter that still more nots allow to miss abstruse, the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day ” exclusive and wonderful ” . Current, large scene is comedic ” winter abstruse family ” with hot-blooded idol play ” ice hockey teenager ” heating up in sowing, ” the home and all things are promoted ” also be about to meet with the audience, they comprise ” winter abstruse trilogy ” the breath of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day that video of cluck letting Mi is fully loaded with atmosphere of ice and snow and festival joy, let each age absolutely paragraph the audience can find him ” mind is good ” . In addition, mi cluck video still defends direct seeding Beijing inspect, Hunan is defended inspect, Zhejiang is defended inspect wait for each big Wei Shichun is late, and regard hookup of government of 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games as business, also will measure total showing number to exceed winter of high-definition direct seeding completely abstruse grand meeting, audience of company throughout the country at the same time dip enjoys sumptuous dinner of culture of ice and snow, make CALL loud cry for army group of Chinese ice and snow at the same time. “Small home is a family sweet sweetness, everybody is friendly affection of solidarity of neighbour of kin friend, neighbor, small home is warm, everybody is harmonious, the home and ability all things are promoted! ” in this lively winter abstruse China year, let us lock up mobile demon of video of the cluck that decide Mi, China together 100 and, see wonderful drama market, enjoy a winter abstruse match, share mirth together with family friend regale, straight attack grand meeting of ice and snow, spend happy reunion in all year!

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