Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Gao Yuan’s round beauty, have color only not just! I do not know whether you remember ” we married ” . This is unprecedented. Exclusive an audience that screaming to want to kill is a director, let highland marry another woman! Do you feel your cerebra how? The film ” let us marry ” a year that when film, highland fell in love with Cao Qing. They marry now parturient. Director, ideal partner, reproduce this work, have a huge cerebrum gap. This already became the lawyer of top class elite that Chen Xuan leads.

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Want you to have iron stick only, your where also is not afraid of! Chen Shan had dominated his troops under one’s command, but he squeezed them stealthily from high circle come out. The heart is like chicken broth. The laborious of adjoining room Di Lei is an inherent rascal. He formulated a strategy that complies with tide. Her job is very comfortable.

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Under photograph comparing, although downy playground has exterior advantage, but have in-house advantage. She and boss quarrelled one. She uses all facial features together, but children are it seems that before adult amuse oneself. At first, although got the support of a lot of audiences, but her acting makes she can begin depict and thorough allegory inside a few days.

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Explanation interrupted drama to make, told about the impression of the story, high degree of saturation, normal acting, the beauty of goddess also got affect.

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