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Original title: Childhood memory kills: The classical teleplay of those years of our forereach, what is is your impression the deepest? Do not have smartphone and Ipad in one’s childhood, a vintage television is bearing the weight of 80 hind and 90 hind people a lot of precious memory about childhood, often remember, total meeting extensive has warm idea in the heart, whether do you remember gallop after school come home put down satchel, hastily open teleplay, the teleplay that waiting to like broadcasts, recall next childhood back and forth today those classical teleplay, search when the portion is then pure with happiness.

20220201052520 61f8c44082229

1, ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed ” a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of ancient costume celestial being of the main actor such as this Hu Ge, Liu Yifei, An Yixuan is black unreal drama, it is the Bai Yueguang in a lot of popular feeling, the spirit of Liu Yifei personate blueness is acerbity pure, to now also nobody can be surmounted.

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2, ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” that edition that Su Youpeng, Gu Jingwen acts the leading role likes most, male Shuai Nv is beautiful, it is to like too really.

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3, ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” Liu Yifei’s Wang Yuyan, chen Hao’s A is violet, liu Tao’s A bright red, of Lin Zhiying paragraph praise. . . Colour value is full, impressions is dye-in-the-wood.

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4, ” peerless double arrogant ” the small fish of Lin Zhiying edition with Su Youpeng the flower of edition is not had be short of, clever choice of a ghost is odd, a suddenly is like blame celestial being, two love greatly.

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5, ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” the Ling Huchong that likes Li Yapeng version very much, the bridge of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance of this version paragraph, scenery and dub in background music also really conscience, become classical of course.

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6, ” day dragon 8 ” these 3 brother explain Huang Rihua, Chen Hao civilian, Fan Shaohuang be the most classical one edition, no matter be thematic song or background music, with gut perfect agree, let a person blend in among them.

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7, ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” the teleplay of the main actor such as ice of this You Zhoujie, Li Bing, Ren Quan, fascinating clue makes a person impressive.

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8, ” return Zhugege ” annual the teleplay that summer vacation sows surely, ancient clever essence blames small swallow, crape myrtle is tender but person, like to ask others likes crape myrtle or small swallow most in one’s childhood, did not think of old hind still Zhugege is red all over a network because of Er health expressional bag.

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9, ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” the main actor such as this You Nieyuan, Huang Yi, the wild goose of two brides Du Bing with disparate disposition He Liyu lake on a strange combination of circumstances the bridal sedan chair of the other side, married the bride of the other side, through a variety of hard dangerous and difficult road, obtain finally jubilate end-all.

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10, ” Kang Xi dynasty ” this drama is conscience is made greatly really, arrive from actor acting gut, all very conscience.

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11, ” Home Jin Fenshi ” this is sweet the teleplay of cruel, jin Yan is mixed on the west the flourishing age love of autumn of cold and cheerless lets at that time how many person be very worried about. Do not like final result particularly at that time, but as be brought up slowly, still was at ease finally.

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12, ” sky of 18 years old ” this is theatrical work of youth of a campus, exceed in those days like that to follow student Yi Shiyi’s friendly Mr. Gu Yuetao.

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13, ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” drama of this ancient costume myth that acts the leading role by Zhao Yazhi, Xie Tong, Chen Meiqi, the happiness that one noise is afraid is a lot of people recollected titles music, foolish foolish is foolish the immortal love of beautiful and foolish Xu Xian, intelligent white a polite form of address for a young woman makes a much-told story, ineffable happy feeling arises spontaneously.

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14, ” Ji Xiaolan of tooth of iron tine copper ” history of this series ancient costume that acts the leading role by Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang, Zhang Tielin is comedic, what love to look most in one’s childhood is Ji Xiaolan and the gut with bicker, ji Xiaolan is everywhere civilian consider, with crafty fight brave with battle of wits, often make blow nose glare with what enrages, and imperial Qianlong can burst out laughing only, of 3 people do laugh at daily memory still deep.

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15, ” pink young woman ” man old woman, 10 thousand people are confused, Ha Mei, marry mad, 4 distinctive woman, 4 women with distinct personality, very interesting, very do laugh.

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16, ” passionate flaming years ” this drama lets a person look cannot help doing sth, like to see bicker of two old people most, very interesting and lovely.

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17, ” Huai Yu’s princess ” the Kang Xi of Sun Yaowei personate is in love with Huai Yu’s princess, look very at that time satisfy a craving, always think want big ending finish to be done not have all the time, just know to have 100 much market later.

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18, ” dolphin bay lover ” a theatrical work that that moment likes very much, the love inside also is very sweet.

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19, ” big gate of an old-style big house ” one colorful career of the individual, promote familially decline, the glory of a nation and courage and uprightness.

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20, ” teenager Fang Shiyu ” of Zhang Weijian edition do laugh interesting, look the mood is very well. Those accompany our grown teleplay, in the endless flow that collects years like trickling sluggishly brooklet, no matter we grow what age, look later, they are over there, childhood also is over there.

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