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Original title: After concussion is inspected! Couplet of TVB n/COL the head of a family female role inspects the Supreme Being to leave together pat make heavy head theatrical work greatly, battle array of new theatrical work exceeds luxurious The article edits drama to show a company: Small red without accredit forbidden reprint, the person that discovery borroweds will undertake entire network is complained to a lot of actors, acting art the dream on road can pat to become master and masterpiece namely, be in at the same time acting respect also is to be able to get an audience people affirmative. So for the actors to TVB, carry off TVB myriad star brightness of prize-giving celebration ” optimal male / heroine ” one award, belong to the ultimate goal that is actresses of numerous TVB actor.

20220201052614 61f8c47679703

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What what key introduction wants in astronomy chapter now is TVB Chen Wei of n/COL the head of a family female role, when speaking of her, believe a lot of audiences are not unfamiliar to her. In acting respect, in so old act art in career, chen Wei is to get an audience fully people affirmative, besides, chen Wei most make everybody impressive appearance is exactly like Mei Yanfang and still she is sealed to be by numerous netizens is ” reprint Mei Yanfang ” .

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And say according to the message, this year Chen Wei is acting there is good progress on art road, she will go out with the identity of heroine act this year in July head sowed new theatrical work ” regression ” . The battle array of this new theatrical work also is very powerful, besides having Jin Anzhi of the Guo that inspect the Supreme Being, still have the actor of a new generation such as a person of extraordinary powers of week of Jia Luo, Wu Wei, You Jiaxin, the battle array is very perfect simply.

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What this new theatrical work tells about is when Hong Kong was returned to 1997, in those days two husband and wife are in Chen Wei and Jin An of Guo of Chinese style chef Hong Kong works in dining-room of a tea. Because two individual feeling are strange,change nevertheless, the Chen Wei after the divorce does poineering work on decision north build the dietary kingdom that belongs to oneself, the common people that brings more inland the tea building culture of Hong Kong people.

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And unlike Chen Wei, guo Jin An is to choose to stay in Hong Kong, but same is he still also thinks culture of building letting tea continues to develop, it is the teahouse that the top issued to work formerly more so. As to the actor week Jia Luo of new generation and Wu Wei a person of extraordinary powers, 2 people are two sons of personate Chen Wei and Guo Jin An in drama, after 2 people divorce, wu Wei a person of extraordinary powers is to follow Chen Wei comes to inland, zhou Jia the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is stay in Hong Kong with Guo Jin An.

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such from originally a 4 family that the mouth turned space into two ground, it is nevertheless after 25 years, the Chen Wei in drama and mother of Wu Wei a person of extraordinary powers child returned Hong Kong, more accident still during this meet unexpectedly Zhou Jia the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, after beginning two husband and wife, two brother from this around move space the domestic story of two ground and spread out. What must say is, be in those who see this new theatrical work roughly after setting, it is very absorbing really, subject matter is opposite at the same time at the audience people for still also be pretty is fresh.

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In this new theatrical work, chen Wei and Guo Jin An are holding the position of leading role of male and female respectively, can imagine going out have a hotspot very much, two such actors that actual strength sends, believe regular meeting brings an audience people very wonderful performance. Do not know to carry this drama market at the appointed time, can Chen Wei have an opportunity to carry off quite ” after inspecting ” one award? Join TVB from Chen Wei after all since, her altogether was to be obtained 5 times ” optimal heroine ” , brush a shoulder nevertheless and pass.

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And in respecting associate with Chen Wei brings an audience people wonderful performance, believe a lot of audiences return pretty to have impressional, drama anthology ” snipe of the arm of the law ” , ” palace calculation 2 deep palace plan ” , ” player of behind the curtain ” , ” the person that the disciple goes 2 ” , ” muti_function wife ” , ” punishment detect diary ” the figure that can see Chen Wei is in waiting work a moment. Although be in,in recent years Chen Wei’s work is not very much, can saying nevertheless is each are an excellent work, she in drama always gives an audience people the impression that leaves profundity.

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And respecting is final, also be to wish in this new theatrical work, chen Wei can have the wonderful show of more bright look again, if can pound the award after inspecting again, that is again good the good news that does not pass!

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