Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” special battle acts ” : Setting of gut much place is similar, ending makes a person feel absurd however!

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Watching ” special battle acts ” this teleplay when, a lot of people are touched by the clever and brave and firm, sagacious place of female soldiers, feel gut is wonderful very, the audience that estimates such thinking is a girl mostly. Occasionally the author also can feel of the playwright-director what of drama of this movie and TV is the creation of female perspective, show contemporary female special alarm of team member spell able with heroic bearing. But go up in male arms body, still have a lot of drawback, especially the clue with the design serious and absurd existence of gut. Particular case, and read article fine fine line comes. Above all, qin Guan saves person blast not to die, and Lin Yi sacrifices immediately. In drama, we see female advocate Ning Mengmo is in hazardous condition several times, especially the menace of explosive, but as long as Qin Guan is attendant, immediately rush to save life and property of a flying body, no matter hero of male and female is in the explosive environment with harsh what, can safe and sound. As to say to harm, at best is the disorder in the heart of peaceful Meng, the problem such as mood out of control, unapt sacrifice drops life. But, in drama, we see Lin Yi is the winter that save Xu, also be to attack to protect her, the result does not take care even if sacrificed. Look a ring of light of this leading role is too important, be in a hospital for the first time, peaceful Meng is held by terrorist the knife is minatory, be in the 2nd times choose is final level, ning Mengtiao building is saved, having again is desert chases terrorist, encounter rocket menace, still having is professor of rescue the sources of energy, benzine explosion spot, can say Qin Guan does not know rush to save life and property crosses much little Hui Ningmeng, everybody is safe and sound, but costar forest Yi just saves Xu Dongdong, rapid sacrifice end, difference is too big!

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Next, similar setting, expressional contrast of the actor is great. E.g. , when Qin Guan is training, be patted to cross so much brick, safe and sound, the result is inside cave dwelling by cruel fear an element stun of one stick within an inch of, such gut is designed, also be to lose contact with reality it seems that, appearing is absurd very. Same, when peaceful Meng is undertaking choose with one many female soldiers, behave extraordinarily brave individually, expression flies upwards. After the result is chosen, the one after another appears problems of a series of body and mind. E.g. , the psychological disease of peaceful Meng, arrive badly later take a gun to dare not shoot. As to someone else also be such, xu Dongdong is jumping on window course, always be impassable, and Yang Shu is to rotating on the project, prop up hard. Can say, by the outstanding team member that choose comes up, existing more or less certain problem. These team member and at the outset at the beginning choose condition is comparative, difference cans be imagined. Originally we know art results from the life, can prep above lives. But, work of drama of movie and TV also needs to consider real case, also be to need to emphasize the true, cannot excessive fiction, too lose contact with reality, it is to appear preposterous, your person senses comical absurdity. As to the other problem that exists in drama, welcome everybody to the reader leaves a message and be discussed!

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