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Original title: ” stars sea ” tear to shreds female advocate creditable, trailer music is slow and lyric, sound has qualitative feeling Teleplay ” stars sea ” it is drama of affection of a city, you Yuding hold guide, liu Tao, forest the main actor such as . This drama related struggling story of the youth, the antagonism between deep capital and human nature and compromise, the progress that gives a society through character reflection and grow. 1. Teleplay ” stars sea ” lacerate of love creditable, old effort made chip ” stars sea ” although gut installs dog having a place blood and set, but chasing after chasing after stop no less than coming a bit really. It is development site with female perspective, with a series of plots that the story of heroine develops, told about a persistence to woo good woman figure for us. Female advocate definitely absolutely the alluring feeling that earns fast money, she has become a clerk, had done boiled water little younger sister, experience a variety of later, phase of the member that just arrived to follow sheet, encountered obstacle however at this moment.

20220201052657 61f8c4a1b3164

Liang Bing is right female advocate block up is quite much Liang Bing is company old staff, her depend on is worn him outstanding achievement is pretty good, change to be compared what show to everybody in the company overbearing. Boiled water is little younger sister daughter advocate very apparent became target of her go flat. Female advocate after the forefathers post that take sb’s place, liang Bing is catching her to be not put, ornery, or it is will private mood abreacts to go up in her body. Female advocate cherish such working opportunity very, depend on clever and aspirant, the affair that attends position is done so that Liang Bing also does not have but censure, appear so Liang Bing compares willfully make a trouble. Liang Bing is right female advocate stop without be apt to be willing to give up, let female advocate when free labor, let her cannot promote to a high office successfully position. Wen Xin envies female advocate, also be to make bewitching rise when little younger sister of boiled water of female principal and subordinate ceaselessly it is the member that follow sheet, bridge puts this thing on the ice to also calculate the past. The Wen Xin with dark scheming is again female advocate brought a lot of block up. Wen Xin is to be love to be fed up with female advocate, a schoolboy likes before she is very long, that schoolboy likes however female advocate, so contradictory conflict came. Love and do not get, envious heart lets her become dark, female advocate after working to the company, she began a series of is opposite female advocate in the light of behavior. For blow daughter advocate, she is taken female advocate say a thing into company and the situation that rise the member that duty follows sheet, browbeat with this again female advocate, the effort of own work laboriously, be said for reason by her person thing, can say female advocate be special disappointment. Female advocate that man company that loves to Wen Xin introduces a foreign trader, jealous of civil strong and pervasive fragrance is taken female advocate record of formal schooling says a thing, minatory she does not hand over that order to let his be utterly discredited. “You besides brief love this name is true, those your certificate are false entirely, from the beginning the holiday arrives crural clerk, which client dare look for you to order goods, which company dare use you? ” if Wen Xin says, can say female advocate very deep harm.

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Female advocate go all the way, rely on oneself to grow slowly, grow slowly, ameliorate slowly, the effort that old schoolmate Wen Xin takes her goes bespatter she, let her be bitterly disappointed. From premonitory in knowable, female advocate left a company, wen Xin also was not together with that man. After leaving female advocate harvested love not only, still pass poineering career to have.

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2. teleplay ” stars sea ” trailer music ” busy ” go up line, affection of bend of singer of Orphean actual strength sings trailer song ” busy ” , singing softness is exquisite, be good at expressing the mood with exquisite and real people and position. Song tune wind is slow and lyric, organ does not have qualitative feeling, will business and alone, ordinary convey with calm coefficient, the infinite resonance that evokes auditor and far are thought of, in melody case bear, savour urbanism guideline together. After company of female principal and subordinate resigns with male advocate do poineering work, make his one’s right hand, become the capable assistant in his job. Male advocate when be thwarted, female advocate give him to encourage with comfort, help him achieve ambition together, fulfil an earnest wish jointly. This stubborn let a person admire with adamancy.

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