Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: Chongqing film booking office defeats 15 million hopeful first days to break last year record of Spring Festival archives According to beacon film professional edition shows, up to on Feburary 1 12:22, spring Festival archives aed club for amateur performers of Beijing opera first days 2022 (contain a dot to mirror) broken 1 billion, total booking office (contain open to booking) broken 1.2 billion, booking office breaks through Chongqing mainland 15 million, hopeful is broken last year the record of Spring Festival archives.

20220201060051 61f8cc93e22ff

8 of grade of Hu Nianchun section homebred film are respectively ” the floodgate bridge of lake length ferry ” ” miraculous stupid child ” ” the four seas ” ” this killer is not quite sober ” ” sharp-shooter ” ” be fond of Yang Yang and ash too the basket of the wolf goes out, than 2021 movies of Spring Festival grade wants much department. Say on the whole, the film of archives of 8 Spring Festivals 2022 covered the many types subject matter such as comedic, war, history, animation, add different director style, relative to the audience at layer of every age level, circle for, spring Festival archives offerred more alternatives this year. Spring Festival archives was opened to booking 2022 period only 11 days, opposite shorter, forecast according to much home orgnaization, hopeful of capacity of system of booking office of Spring Festival archives achieves 70-80 this year 100 million yuan or so, and kept balance last year. Total booking office of Spring Festival archives created file of outback Spring Festival 2021 shadow history booking office is new tall, for 7.843 billion, first days of booking office is Spring Festival archives about 1.693 billion. Chongqing city first days of booking office was Spring Festival archives 2021 37.04 million, first days of booking office had been broken through 2022 15 million, countrywide booking office has been broken through 1.2 billion, will look at present, break hopeful a day of Spring Festival archives is box-office last year record. On sheet of a list of names posted up of Spring Festival booking office, ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” ride absolutely dirt, in order to exceed 500 million (contain open to booking) booking office formed the first echelon formation, of 181 million ” the four seas ” , of 168 million ” this killer is not quite sober ” , of 150 million ” miraculous stupid child ” , of 109 million ” bear appears and disappear return earth ” 4 film also comprise the 2nd echelon formation with passing 100 million box-office grade, zhang Yi seeks the motion picture that enters Spring Festival grade first ” sharp-shooter ” because with ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” it is subject matter of face of the aid that fight the United States together, 4100 much booking office are at present only summary prep above is long-unseen ” sheep happy a sheep and ash too the basket of the wolf gives future ” . Beacon data shows, whole nation of Spring Festival archives is average 2022 fare 58.2 yuan, since comparing epidemic situation archives of the first Spring Festival (2021) 48.9 expensive nearly 20% , be since 2017 top level. Chongqing city Spring Festival grade is average 2022 fare 49.5 yuan, the photograph is more average than archives of 2021 Spring Festivals fare also has 42.9 yuan rise. Cinema personage tells upper reaches journalist related Chongqing, as a result of epidemic situation reason, rate of cinema seat of honour does not get prep above 75 % , decrease at the same time show the number of showings of a film, to maintain income, admission fee raised appropriately during the cinema is shown to high grade content, plus many citizens choice on the spot spends the New Year, also let Spring Festival schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater watch shadow demand to rise considerably, cause an effect to market supply demand relations, push tall fare. Upriver journalist notices on the platform that buy a ticket, net ticket platform has the admission fee that showing number has 40 yuan or so in the morning basically only, a few small movie theaters 40 yuan of the following showing number are basic already capacity audience, arrived to was mixed at 9 o’clock afternoon in the evening the 78 gold showing number of the dot, the fare of the cinema that the business such as avalokitesvara bridge encircles rises 779 yuan, the movie theater that still has price of 559 yuan of interval nevertheless can choose. Bright of upriver journalist soup

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