Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Liu Tao responds to ” spring aid late act magic it is to hold in the palm ” : Not be to hold in the palm really, had not rehearsed

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(Jiang Jiamin / civil) in the tiger year on the arena of CCTV spring evening, liu Tao aids the magic act that performed Deng man. Subsequently, “Liu Tao is to hold in the palm ” , ” Deng man responds to Liu Tao is to hold in the palm ” mount hot search, be heated up to discuss by the netizen. Accepting Sohu entertainment ” fox plant is big torturous ” when the special interview of the program, liu Tao emphasizes him ” not be to hold in the palm really ” , also had not rehearsed before, oneself also are one of audiences only, do not have unlock all the time this magic mystery.

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