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Original title: Does former voice of Zhong Hanliang let a person give play? Li Xiaoran: Former voice has charm more Information times dispatch (reporter Cai Mujia) afterwards ” have not enough time to say I love you ” later, zhong Hanliang lies between 12 years when Li Xiaoran once more the teleplay that the partner acts the leading role ” this life has you ” actor is sowed sultrily, first day of the lunar year is about to receive final result. Old partner performs cruel to love a story again, although ” this life has you ” gut is spat by partial netizen groove is set, but drama anthology opens sow up to now, heat is not decreased all the time. A few days ago, when Li Xiaoran accepts a reporter to interview, also disclose, zhong Hanliang goes out acting is she joins in give those who perform this theatrical work among them a main reason. Build Zhong Hanliang to have again ” familiar feeling ” force is maintained its former voice actor’s lines has erupt fine lies between Li Zhonghan 12 years when Li Xiaoran once more hand in hand stunt, let ” this life has you ” begin to be caused from Guan Xuan numerous expect. Before continueing 12 years ” have not enough time to say I love you ” , two people this again of the partner ” this life has you ” still walk along cruel to love a course. Drama anthology basically told about a heart surgical Nie Yu Cheng (Zhong Hanliang is acted the role of) with once Tan Jing of lover, single close mother (Li Xiaoran is acted the role of) old hind encounter again, go to again after be dispelled past grudge together. Refer ” this life has you ” move oneself give the reason that act, straight-out Zhong Hanliang gives Li Xiaoran performing hero is one of main reasons, “If change an actor,the likelihood does not act to give this kind of sense. ” after 12 years are being lain between when He Zhonghan fine, cooperate again, because there is one to plant between two people,Li Xiaoran also expresses ” familiar feeling ” , cooperative process is very so happy, “Because have a kind of familiar feeling, and these year everybody is in grow, everybody also saw the work that this so collaboration comes out, it is completely different appear. It is completely different appear.. 20220201060544 61f8cdb8413ab Tan Jing of Li Xiaoran personate. Stage photo ” this life has you ” also be Zhong Hanliang little insight with oneself former voice gives the work that perform, but after drama anthology broadcasts, its contain the former voice actor’s lines of oral speech soundvoice to become a netizen to heat up the central issue that discuss for a time, the netizen shows its Yuan Shengtai makes a person give play even. To this, li Xiaoran holds different point of view, “I like elder brother particularly (Zhong Hanliang) former voice, his former voice has more glamour and erupt force, especially (expression) of Nie Yucheng bear, it is OK that I do not think to have any dub actor him former voice glamour gives deserve to come out, this is my opinion. ” she thinks, because the character set of itself of Nie eaves Cheng is southern, have again abroad the setting that study abroad, so ” having oral speech sound is normal ” . Be asked about and Zhong Hanliang can laugh to play, she a speak bluntly: “When I am patted, be enmeshed in the character completely, I feel brother says particularly well, mood expression is the most important part in actor’s lines. ” in the sensory drama that increasing fat gaunt and bow-backed ability for the part is this character, after Tan Jing and Nie eaves Cheng are apart, depend on each other with the son that has congenital heart disease, work hard to become an operation to son assemble money, live sparely. Li Xiaoran to depict Tan Jing figure of this single close mother has idea very much, from move outfit modelling arrives cry play is exquisite ” true appear ” . The most interesting is, producer Xu beautiful sufferred the Ceng Di when visitting to add filter lens to wear a skin to Tan Jing to later period rather, was criticized by Li Xiaoran instead, li Xiaoran also was responded to have this matter truly, “Later period company imposed very heavy strain to me lens and wear a skin, I am not willing particularly, I feel this is not this character should some condition. I think the actor serves for the part all the time, I hope to have appear truely, no matter be of in person,still be affection go up. ” look in her, talking about static condition should be ” a bit gaunter ” , “Actually we make fun of this to glance without what board, some moment can see have black rim of the eye, these I feel particularly good. For instance eye ministry has a few dropsy, black rim of the eye, help this person however instead. Help this person however instead.. 20220201060544 61f8cdb886d29 Tan Jing of Li Xiaoran personate. Stage photo not only such, static to talking this character, li Xiaoran also did a few sedulous designs, for instance early days adds fertilizer for the part, a bow-backed posture appears to wait a moment designedly when filming, “Bow-backed and add fertilizer, include the feeling that occasionally her corners of the mouth has a bit to be down, I am designed designedly. The affliction that I feel the life brings her is too much, it is a bit more difficult to if sheet relies on actor’s lines and some play,go conveying a likelihood. This character she at ordinary times is condition what kind of? Should be to be able to little was pressed to bend a waist by the life, but still standing fast oneself the portion is then stubborn. ” and respecting drama cries mediumly play is deduced, li Xiaoran also expresses to do not have recipe, “I just put myself in that character in the place at that time. I feel to take sport so called recipe, it is unsuccessful shortcut actually. I think to be able to not have recipe, completely true presenting gift is right. Completely true presenting gift is right..

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