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Original title: Xiao Zhan, yang Mi, bend Chu Xiao, chen Li farming, fu Jing, huang Tingting, song Zhiya, tang Yixin

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1. Ren Jiaxuan comes inland is to attend ” billow elder sister 3 ” , program series still looked for Chen Jiahua and Tian Fu to discriminate, but did not talk come down. 2. Vermicelli made from bean starch lets not old scold atelier when making living broadcast of beautiful fine jade, everybody is in very serious work, next she is exceeded by her the word gives screen, 3 of screen of manager of vermicelli made from bean starch. Yang Mi made not little allowance to former husband, give a daughter entirely, it is her former husband is absent only this issue is raised before the daughter, all expenditure that still represent a daughter to alien are him himself of dig down… 4. Before contrast a few years forest period of updated at the height of power and splendour, begin really after 18 years downhill, the high grade resource that contacts now is far before cannot be being mixed, compare. In the career besides him himself brilliant period did not plan good outside the course from the back, still have even if forest held in both hands newlier without big sth used to one’s own advantage now, yan Zhi also is inferior to in those days, the chamfer that be spat is gutty and northeast the feeling of coarse Chinese, those who suit is small lay kind of part less and less also. 5. Married the dilemma that long leg female star faces now is quite apparent, the transition theatrical work that she gives great expectations leaves sow still have period of time, can go up this year the line is bad still to say. And she also does not have other goods in stock, a few work suffer fully again before spit groove, the suits her now notebook in the circle is not much, the group can help her look for the heat of bit of perfunctory to maintain person energy of life from time to time only. 6. Li Hao humble likes to enjoy the dirty measure that adopts round isolated person in the play staff, those actors hold out the play staff do not see what she makes a group this kind go up, also spitting groove to say she is in stealthily the actor goes not long on this road… 7. The Xiao Ping that bend Hunan borrows ” flickering bright tiny spot ” harvested a batch of tap water, the sound instant that he boycotts on the net lost, have many people initiative side he speaks, say he is troubled by the scandal that go out at that time pure belong to individual fondness for, it is your affection the thing that I wish, implicative female opinion on public affairs of his be disgusted with was clarified, liu Hao puts a group to see direct admire, loiter the Xiao Xi that bend Hunan’s white heat, also want to imitate him such extricate oneself. Star explodes makings Chen Li farming before dawn is in Chen Li farming today small gain dispatch: “I think of pa you, I think you ” so the father of Chen Li farming follows family suddenly before early to break couplet, chen Li farming ever divulged in the program father missed couplet 2015, had had time of 7 years up to now. He is in after having one’s moment, still had disclosed in short, oneself miss father very much, also did not abandon searching, but final father is in before leaving, still had hit one electrify word to give him, if saying very resemble words of the deceased. Although such, can be during this, he and home people made a lot of telephone calls to father, final of no help. This also is why, chen Li farming attends when the beginning of the year anthology when show, expression depends on mom very much, because father’s experience is lost before him,let him have the shadow of this respect. After Fu Jing bends the line on new theatrical work of Chu Xiao, because the plot of a play is good still, came so the tap water with much pretty, increase cost of this play body not tall also, current data or pretty are pretty good.

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Nod as a result of the Xiao Lei that bend Hunan nevertheless too much, at the beginning drama square not very dare be publicized, prevue is the heroine Zhang Jia with passerby better reason Ning Zhanda head. But drama broadcasted now, still many person boycott bend Chu Xiao, accordingly, female 2 Fu Jing are rolled out to block a gun in the modelling in drama. The model that many people are saying groovy teach Jing is ugly, resembling is male play the part of female outfit, still have many Yxh also taking rhythm. Actually this modelling is improper him actor only, and actor modelling most is decided by the play staff, add Fu Jing to there is not big company again rear now, also do not have what backer, just can be taken block a gun casually. Graceful of yellow graceful of yellow graceful graceful issues handwritten letter in small gain today, express to begin the identity with absolute freedom the activity, still say two years this to promote oneself ceaselessly only, had prepared the tomorrow with brand-new open. Medium of Ba of silk of former company of graceful of very fast yellow graceful makes a statement, saying still is Huang Tingting company of exclusive and sole broker, without the company written accredit affirms, the look of photograph inside Shanghaiguan that involves Huang Tingting must not broadcast, travel or use. Filar Ba medium expresses to be aimed at behavior of concerned tort behavior of Huang Tingting, unfair competition at the same time, reservation adopts legal measure to uphold the right of legitimate rights and interests. So come, the road inside is being encircled to go very hard after Huang Tingting, go up to still agreement is in personally after all, if do not have a person to protect her, won’t film contract and business affairs search come, after all she also does not calculate red, far from can capital assumes a risk for her. This also is actor of tarry of company of a lot of broker inside the circle, or the tradition of finish actor covers a region. She has the possibility only now a route goes, that is taken an examination of namely fair, take an examination of only after all fair, agreement ability 0 penalty due to breach of contract remove.

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Song Zhiya appears personally again accept interviewed, wear fake to hold this job of white rich beauty to oneself, her answer is to did not think so much actually, think oneself are only responsible and beautiful went. (probably meaning) Emm. . . . . She this answer still is the problem that highlighted her to do not have brain really, be white wealthy beautiful woman sets burst, does that begin to model fool belle person to set? But the problem is, she level of this kind of Yanzhi, no matter be,be being returned in Korea is inside amusement is not the United States ah, be Korea recreation encircles nobody? Where is Quan Zhixian? Where is Jin Xishan? Does Han beautiful woman? Not likely these female actor come out to say his ” it is OK to think I am quite beautiful ” . Tang Yixin is the closest double mentions Zhang Reyun on the program, say when to two people are together, can become very babyish, apparent, this again the operation of heat of loiter of beautiful conjugal love. Though this two people are held out at the beginning really low-key, also be quite sweet really. But will look at present, these year of their sale be increasing? And below the circumstance that becomes much in sale, the work of movie and TV of two people begins to pledge quantitative change gets washed-up Tang Yixin. Liu Yi Tong is the closest sale is a bit much, can avoid to eat the cheese of a few people of course. Although have dear father,escort the Emperor for its convoy, but hard to avoid still has pair of home coquettish to operate, this amour looks for a person to pat to the home namely. Nevertheless eye comes round to see a family also experted to just admit greatly, did not collapse room phenomenon. And he is actor course originally, do not have pink of a lot of cummer, vermicelli made from bean starch is soberer also, can accept his amour. Gao Weiguang’s closest thematic teleplay result is right still, it is adversary actress it is the Hu Bingqing with poorer public praise. The evaluation with smooth to tall Wei nevertheless audience is OK still, it is army brigade piece in a hero that compares Qing Dynasty shedding. He all the time since it is fine travel resource the actor of the first echelon formation, give resource besides the company, his itself also has many adding to hold in the person arteries and veins inside the circle. ” small soubrette ” procrastinate too long, liu Shishi here want to act not quite a bit. ” with phoenix travel ” still be Zhao Liying at present changeless, liu Yu Ning takes aim went up male 2. Brand of United States makeup can be exited after Kun Ling, zhou Jielun also can help her publicize. Wang Kai did not sell miserable, a few that years he fell ill really, and his resource is not poor, be short of far from, won’t sell so miserable. Yang Zi resembles battle ” survive ” incognito. New of one season ” happy and comedic person ” , shen Teng, Gu Ling, Yue Yunpeng, Ma Li, Song Xiaofeng, Wen Song, Gu Bing, Liu Wei is returned to. Surface of Baby capital domain is very complex, but a lot of projects are to use her mother name to do, avoid risk. Old Chu Sheng and mango relation become reconciled, cooperation can increase later, bark contain is mediated, he very admire Chen Chu to be born. Tan Songyun’s resource is very much, but the project of S level is not much. After Zhang Xiaofei joint performance film, still be the part of personate mom. Wang Hedi acts the leading role with Zhou Ye ” our southwest the United Nations General Assembly ” Jiangsu of the star on the bottom was defended in Feburary inspect. Of Xiao Zhan ” that sea in the dream ” big probability can have Li Qin to join in, li Qin is a few female advocate one of. Midday is in now match Hu Ge to cooperate with Liu Yijun, hu Ge is OK now from ” numerous flower ” the play outside coming out to receive in the group. Cai Xukun is the closest platform gave play of not little talk feeling drama to him.

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