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Original title: Be acquainted with Jun Chu: Stage photo of New Year main actor, assume expensive air of Jia Lun dress, hot cling to lower his head to see play true beauty Needed sowed ancient costume theatrical work in Feburary in, dilireba and Ren Jialun act the leading role ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” , very should much vermicelli made from bean starch is awaiting. This drama is adapted be not sweet novel from aigret ” drive shark is written down ” , value of main actor colour is good really. Although premonitory li of part setting is a bit endless the meaning that be like a person, but want the plot of a play only Yan Zhi is online, believe to have sth. worth seeing or reading for certain. Guan Bo released the stage photo of a warm today, will look at once. Dilireba

20220201061045 61f8cee570eae

Hot cling to of personate is Ji Yunhe of drive bewitching division, have very dozen of play of cruel cruel. Modelling is very good-looking also, taking a heroic spirit. The stage photo that releases this, be before of that green of stage photo.

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Hairstyle special efficient, collocation heats up facial features of Ba Meiyan atmospheric, a handsome drive bewitching division had immediately, lower his head to see stage photo very beautiful also. Will see this cover the upper part of the body of the dress, scrutiny feels pretty good also character, the collocation of black and green as expected classical. Ren Jialun

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Assume Jia Lun’s role, it is long meaning of shark person prince. His itself suits ancient costume very much, perform the shark person prince with this kind of delicate facial features, very convincing still. This stage photo, it is the model with long meaning noble very energy of life.

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The delicate design on the dress, return hairiness to receive decoration. Sending those who act the role of also is rich color, treat hair style carefully, also a few caution are thought of. Complex and delicate good-looking, pure and fresh and simple, ren Jialun also can perfect control. Xiao Shunyao

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In other costar list, have the actor of many look familiar. Xiao Shunyao personate the domesticate bewitching cereal of new generation advocate, it is the part of a Yi Zhengyi evil. Be like suitable Yao Yan to be worth beautiful of actual strength all, acting is very pretty good, and plasticity is very strong, perform what to resemble what simply, very this part that awaits his personate. Guo Xiaoting

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Very should much person knows Guo Xiaoting, she has a place regrettablly, obviously each field requirement is pretty good, but still do not have fire to rise now. She is in drama personate horn of Ji Yi of suitable heart celestial being, it is a more selfish part. Be saved to fall accidentally by long meaning, however requite kindness with enmity. Cast part disposition, guo Xiaoting this modelling is beautiful really. Hu Yixuan

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Young and lovely introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad meaning comes back, giving the role that perform is female advocate clever fall forward of Ji Yunhe, a beautiful small butterfly, also be Ji Yunhe’s most trustful friend. Energy of life of purple dress celestial being is very, very the temperament that accords with small butterfly. Tong Lei

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This still has character of a few old show in department theatrical work, personate is for instance green the Tong Lei of female singer. She goes out had acted ” Sui Tangying hero is passed ” in female advocate Li Rongrong, a few 90 hind not should unfamiliar to her. This part comes to affection quality, be avenged for favorite domesticate bewitching division and die.

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