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Original title: Han drama ” one of these day ruined walk into my door ” the wall is cracked recommend, xu benevolence country saves unfortunate girl Recommend now — ” one of these day ruined walk into my door ” main actor: ? The life that melt of ⑿ of clever τ ⅰ makes this drama of? of small cup of ê of  ⒗ coin or money edits Zhuo Dongjing by network novel is setting, year young when, after parents dies because of the accident, east scene very hard life. Her job and life also become stable, discover oneself suffer from however went up cerebral cancer. She begins to blame the inequity of the destiny, praying the world is ruined. The controller between person and god is ruined heard east the sound of scene, appear in her before, say to be able to realize her desire. Accordingly east the life below scene decision and ruined autograph is contracted, the condition is to let her be in 100 days of follow one’s inclinations ground are living finally.

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Jing Mou day goes a hospital checking east, the doctor tells her the examination to the result is cerebral cancer, and the time that go is not much, namely life remains 100 days only. Female advocate Dong Jingzhi him path plans a life before long, it is the face does not have expression as before on the face, her current situation is not an epitome of a lot of people in our reality? Do not think so living also do not want to die so quickly.

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Female advocate because Dongjing is in year young lost father and mother, in short, she restrains sadness chronically in him heart, do not share oneself feeling with others easily, often also do not change oneself countenance. Everyday drift along ground is in the life, life does not have too big target, also do not have special cared person. Be in ruined before appearing, the likelihood does not put those who fall to have his little brother only!

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Male advocate ruined it is interpose the controller between the mankind and god, he heard the voice that Dong Jingbao complains, he ought not to sympathize with originally female advocate experience, in some instant, right however be mixed to sympathize with by the love that the Dong Jingxian of destiny embarrass gave him.

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Ruined he comes out by divine creation, serve a at the mankind ruined deity technically. Simple for, ruined it is a pronoun, also be the everybody in real life’s scared death. Such he is fed up with to hate by common people, before this, do not have a person to be able to like him truly!

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We are common bromide kind, feel all misfortune on the world originate ruined. Ruined the desire ability that he thinks to destroy the world to must want mankind of have the aid of comes true. When female advocate east scene cry piece when wanting ruined world, he came suddenly female advocate beside, this also is they encounter for the first time.

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We manage train of thought, why is the person of ruined pitch on east scene? Not be the choice of for no reason at all for certain, because be in,that is same a world, same a time paragraph, ruined and east scene produced same think of a way. Say to do not have so so much indescribable coincidence, everything is best arrangement.

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Without giving thought to ruined the time time that meets with Dong Jingxiang, no matter will be encountered how many times again, can be two their people are cured each other only, save atone for each other! After they encounter, two people signed bond, content is ruined world! Male advocate ruined perhaps Nuo, can let female advocate in the rest 100 days live in the center, won’t experience ache. But before on one’s deathbed, must want to make this next wishes that destroy the world.

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If she goes back on her word break one’s promise, that momently, female advocate the person that loves most can replace her and gone. Before Dong Jinglin is dead at that time, the person just that loves most is male advocate ruined.

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The gut from the back is developing toward the direction of break one’s promise. Dong Jinghe is ruined two people that just exist, feel in their heart oneself are not by the person of need, no point. They are current and living just also be in cure each other.

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Ruined let with force east scene feeling gets beside the person loves to hers, let her answer the parents that recall dies, still have once recollected goodly, and not be close Mom, the care of meticulously mixes honey of the little one’s mother’s sister of close Mom of be better than, little brother, boudoir understanding. Male advocate tell her with the action, although encounter misfortune, but beside as before a lot of people love her, care her.

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Because ruined behavior behaves, east Jing Man slow him change, also change pair of ruined think of a way, she also understands ruined existence is not to let a person abhor, it is to receive renascence. The person is living the thing that is about to love is worn, just meet not reconciled to easily gone.

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Cure each other through two people, ruined and final become female advocate the person that loves most, that bond also said above, east scene the person that loves most can replace her and gone, what disappear from the back is male advocate ruined.

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Respecting this, everybody can say certainly, male advocate disappeared is this drama to meet very cruel? Family people, be at ease seek theatrical work, ending is a men and women advocate end-all! ! Do not want speed as far as possible, because a lot of details need an audience,be digested slowly. Have a few actor’s lines I like very much, share here. 1. Want to wintry gift has spring, dark ability has light, have ruined ability be born, so you are in the winter, it is dark, it is death. 2. Narrow the universe into a person, enlarge a person into the god, so this is love. 3. Although do not want to get wet in the rain, but can need rain, you are such existence.

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Besides the men and women advocate this pair is very sweet, male 2 with female 2 special also grab an eye, believe to also many people are in attention annals is graceful with Zhu conspicuous, annals is graceful be together with the elder brother finally, although the little brother is female the boy friend of 2 students times, that also is past type only.

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Other part gives everybody is savoured slowly! Today’s share arrive this, thank a people watch! We fall period disappear not to come loose! The article all is Xia Jia to be achieved formerly, welcome everybody to nod assist attention, comment on an area to go up together knowledge ah ~~

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