Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” the four seas ” Han Han is shown to write small composition to review first film course

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On Feburary 1 first day of the lunar year, the film that directs write a play by Han Han ” the four seas ” show. That day, what Han Han also wrote small composition to review his is whole film course. This paragraph of script had been written on December 31, 2021 actually. Han Han expresses: “This film around used two years many, it is to accumulate the expressive opportunity that created very old ability to get, I feel those exercise restraint with make public, a short while delighted lighted inside with lasting sadness… either expression of avery kind of is worth to spend financial resources of very great energy manpower material resources to take a motion picture, and to me character, ” the four seas ” worth while, I also cherish this expression very much. ” Han Han speak bluntly this is a quite lively film, but also be quite alone film at the same time, although lapping comedic appearance, but final it is disconsolate distressed, he says: “In later period and film in the process, I had tried hard a lot of times to make its encourage popular feeling and thoroughly delighted thoroughly, resemble the life in, I tell myself to want to do a happy person all the time, also hope the friend beside can be affected. But I was not accomplished. ” finally, han Han conveyed his blessing, the audience that hopes to see the movie people: “Although have a door, you cannot be opened, have a river, you do not pass more, but hope somebody can let you no longer loneliness and the four seas lead a wandering life, hope your home is the model that considers like you, each hotel that the hope stays in after you, it is to contain early. ” (saccharic peach / civil)

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