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Original title: Zhang Han of one asking and the other answering, yan Tao, lu Han closes Xiao Tong, conceited male chair Does route of Zhang Han star go in the end?

20220201070147 61f8dadb44b59

Zhang Han present development is to last really low fan, his discharge and heat gave out almost, go up personally besides bully total tag is before cummer label, also do not take all the time piece new masterpiece and but the dot of sale, on put together art when because talk,also be felt disgusted by the netizen particularly. As to respect of movie and TV, bully total part more and more do not be very popular, and this kind of part now also annulus be less than Zhang Han to act, he also is very know how to behave in a delicate situation begin to make investment of movie and TV, the result also is those who receive is deficient. His present career is entered trough period, the contact is less than good play, his acting also supports the part that does not have those to particularly administrative levels feels, yield without popular work, audience nature can forget you slowly. So he also has all the time receive in the consideration male the part of 2, after all or else transition does not have the market really. And a lot of those representing capital also are to treat the food below dish, current to Zhang Han heat heart knows abdomen bright, let him go out so act male the premise of 2 is he is willing to fall oneself remuneration. What turn a tall sex into valence comparing only is male match, ability opens new market, but he was done after all so old male one, also do not agree to fall really remuneration, so a lot of collaboration did not talk about approach. Zhang Han is in hard all the time namely to the person’s feeling transition becomes actual strength actor, result much cry and little wool, do not have sequel basically. Figure of abundant peach sale? “Yan Tao basks in a seaside 9 palace case is illuminated ” the figure government that this hot search makes deep feeling of a lot of netizens female star is true too reached the designated position, also before someone speaks paragraph time Wu Xuanyi that hot search of 27 years old of condition, the position that should change Cheng Yantao 42 years old, this ability is this kind of hot search is correct open way. Of Yan Tao maintain the celebrity is absolutely in Duan Nvxing of age of of the same age, although a few pieces of swimsuits are illuminated in a few netizens,look measure slightly big, but she dare be put care about these public opinion far from with respect to the specification. Vermicelli made from bean starch receives the theatrical work that sister younger brother loves all the time in the peach that urge abundant, want to see her love with the small Tan Lian that suckle a dog, actually she also has taken this kind of theatrical work, but the effect after drama broadcasts is general, she still suits to slant more the subject matter of drama type, nevertheless Yan Tao also does not lack resource really. If say Jin Dong,what go now is future road of old artist of De Yishuang strong and pervasive fragrance, na Yantao also is this course almost, her personal details watch can let her completely become the big elder of a respect getting a person. And she now is all sorts of enjoyment the life, receiving show also is the theme that chooses his to be interested, did not want to continue to take the idea of award to the career again, took the vole after inspecting early after all, this some achievement also had. Is cervine Han Guan Xiaotong engaged really?

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The message that cervine Han Guan Xiaotong is engaged is Yue Chuanyue intense nearly most, two people had seen parents really, came down surely namely almost, enter marry the thing that the hall also is morning and evening. And knot legitimate child is being urged all the time in Home Lu Han, after all his age also arrived, home Guan Xiaotong also won’t be carried again intentionally. Especially the betrothal gifts money that Lu Han gives is brushstroke almost astronomical, guan Xiaotong also does not have domestic possibility in the home, and their home is the netizen also views a what heart sex very clearly. The family member cares about Guan Xiaotong’s public praise and development far from, receive small Shang Daiyan to her wildly, the capacity that uses a daughter is done a few do not rely on chart join in inn, do so that Guan Xiaotong is in the fame of in the bookshops is fast smelly, the Dai Yan that relies on chart repeatedly is not taken. And close what Xiao Tong mixes a few this years to also be no good really, ga do not go up to issue those who hold out awkwardness, marry to also can bring tremendous temperature to her. To moment young husband and wife put together of a before last art, the compartment in a bit love is shared in the program like Tang Yixin, maintain temperature, also be an outlet to her. Lu Han now also is Buddha department development, a lot of show sell platform face to just be received, enterprise is true not strong, also be to earn really enough. Conceited male uphold PUA wife? Male chair the petty trick that likes him ostentation particularly, establish the culture everybody that whats know a few erudite and informed to set, there also is a lot of to admire the netizen of his talent on the net, but male chaired a lot of things to just learn fur to stop. Because be not a patch on of his record of formal schooling travels together, so later period makes up a missed lesson wildly, below exceeding and self-abased circumstance twist became conceited state of mind, special to the outside evaluation about his knowledge care about. In the program he often also can be aimed at the thing of a certain domain to express his opinion, before the honored guest him ostentation knowledge, and the honored guest cannot expose he must express again again very the appearance of approve of, still must pretend special appreciation he. Male chair also like good humanness division very much under the counter, did not gesticulate less to the life of junior, still have a few particularly straight male behavior. Actually he does the thing that come out two this years not little also, just press came down, in those days also move be forcinged by him retreats a circle his wife. What the enterprise that his wife awaits in those days develops is very good, the opportunity makes success one time in the stage, no matter be ability or style,be god-given good young plant. And male chair hope wife to make her weak encircle in godchild of home photograph husband, return the private journey that can restrict wife at ordinary times, the model that is duplicity.

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