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Original title: ” lens · twin city ” story line and emotional line are double and set, does earth arrive is acme wet? Afterwards ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” be over, ” lens · twin city ” it is drama of newest black unreal of an ancient time, li Yifeng Chen Yuqi presents as leading role to act the leading role, costar has Zheng Yecheng, Liu Chang to wait a moment, adapt proud IP, congenital condition is quite pretty good. Additional, broadcast time is in Spring Festival around is a bit this drama is very advantageous righter originally, but it is inferior to firm finished far however contemporary strange unreal playlet ” germinant ” . Since broadcasting, the person that pays close attention to it does not calculate much, although a lot of people say to look,meet behind before 5 collect above, but cannot hold back it to send out as before the old rustic interest that give.

20220201075113 61f8e671afb55

The earthy flavour of this drama, from the men and women advocate emotional line and the story line of the drama that make a department can see, very apparent, make an analysis can be experienced deep-feltly a bit get. Above all, let us from the men and women advocate emotional line will look. ” lens · twin city ” former novel structure is particularly old, a lot of costar in hearing of drama can become protagonist actually, but the limitation that counts as a result of collect, drama chose the Bai Ying of the Su Mo of Li Yifeng personate and Chen Yuqi personate to become protagonist only. This thinking that cutout was decreased a lot of, can come to their story tirelessly path, emotional play is met surely very natural, moving, actually, men and women advocate the love that 5 collect education gives is very abrupt however.

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The encountering of both, be as a lot of ancient occasionally general coincidence. Bai Ying is optional on the street ramshackle, su Mo attracted her indescribably, she followed to go up. Both generation misunderstands a from an exchange of blows friendship grows later, can be male advocate be in unluckily female advocate the hero when dying saves the United States, turn a ground of big deep feeling is right inspect, seem to be not each other from now on cannot. Have similar leading role such encountering the drama of gut we are OK have words, what ” fine south pass ” , ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” it is. Seem the set scenario that ever was acquainted like this kind, added for this drama many rustic.

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Both fosters emotive to get along, though can say going up is sweet, but saying is earthy flavour dye-in-the-wood more appropriate. A few days that when then we take them to get along on lens tower for, is Bai Ying how right of Su Mo become enamoured? Lie the bottom puts poisonous spider to bite Bai Ying, make her toxic. Su Mo also is originally want killing Bai Ying lie bottom, but changed condition to her, issue the mouth to suck poison personally bring to him body. After Bai Ying awakes, be informed, falling in love with him had been the thing of the pretty close. Is sacrifice oneself drug taking now is teleplay used so that do not wish the bridge of reoccupy paragraph? Very earth, but the sort of ambiguous atmosphere, still must admit, love to look quite.

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Hundred years later, 2 people began earthy flavour to be in love again. “You hard follow, and I am being borne revive national important task, janus-faced to your love ” , this is true portraiture of Bai Ying, to Su Mo still greet extremely favorably. And Su Mo, criterion dialogue Ying loves darkly in still take a place overbearing. Two people get along mode although earth, but the largest tract between them, still get the ground that is actor’s lines. Su Mo has territory of a word to must make small make up impressive: Regard the shark that can love only all one’s life as the person, beloved woman does not protect even oneself, how to become heroic sea emperor? Additionally Su Mo still has ” the book that gives to care me originally ” stalk, coming from a sentence that faces Bai Ying to love to say most at him is: You are caring me. Earth, carry a men and women casually actually advocate a few actor’s lines, can be informed.

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The story line that says this theatrical work again next! Your person feels in story line have two sides setly. The first respect, it is Su Mo bans art to make his powerful in hundred years Xiu Lian, it is easy that he still cannot be controlled suffer turn over bite. Feel to be like be ever acquainted? ” Chen Qing makes ” medium Wei Moxian is not such. The 2nd respect is the trend of whole story, belonging to is to look a little a few can guess the development later. ” lens · twin city ” divide probably for 3 cliques, shark person spring first a group, empty mulberry is of the royal blood, and the dark blue of the person that inbreak of the latercomers surpass the formers flows. It is a spring originally first the love of sea emperor and empty mulberry infanta is initiative, very artful later these two groups are sufferred a defeat to oppressing by dark blue shedding. Think with knee, also know the spring removes a hand to hit dark blue to flow with empty Sang Delian first, after having gone through cross, next this group that two is having chiliad feeling of gratitude or resentment, because cooperation is cheerful with head head people love, get along well finally. Common says to safeguard world peace! The person name in this drama place name looks all kinds of strange things, very mixed pattern, but integral frame is exceedingly as simple as play house, also very convention.

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” lens · twin city ” without how deep thought connotation, emotional play is smoother also, without new idea and window, instead is the earthy flavour lovers’ prattle that dehisce comes to, one is plant ” earth arrives acme is wet ” feeling, look long still hold out above. Altogether, this drama does not calculate miss regrettablly good theatrical work, but idle will do not have a thing, use disappear idle divert oneself from boredom it is enough still.

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