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Original title: Yan Tao is depended on ” between the world ” search is heated up on the United States, as the actor, the groovy level that this also is her only stopped

20220201075135 61f8e68791678

On January 28, adapt from work of bear the palm of award of literature of aegis of Liang Xiaosheng cogongrass, tie-in ” people’s name ” director Li Lu, plus ” Chinese type divorces ” Zuo of playwrite Wang Hai, and He Xinbai of peach of thunder favorable reply, Song Jia, abundant is green the teleplay that these actual strength send an actor ” between the world ” leave formally sow. Feelings of this great history writes common person’s epic work to be in after sowing, have hot search twice to make a person impressive. It is old show bone Chen Daoming appears in drama as aside dub, the mood is full and the actor’s lines that each boundless atmospheric sound, word contains a lot ofdeep desire, combine masterly picture, epic feeling instant is pulled full, the actual strength of bone of old show of national treasure stage still nots allow small gaze.

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The 2 Zheng beautiful that are Yan Tao personate come on the stage, incompact slow dress sugarcoated haws on a stick, sunshine is aspersed on her body, can’t help letting a person think of a word: Love is the light that the god sheds on her shoulder. And in origianl work, zheng beautifuls this part was full of pathos colour, the little brother of she and blindness is the orphan that is collected to come back by the mother. In that time of gossip is a fearing thing, zheng Juan is in knew the Tu Zhijiang that replaces him defend sb against an injustice, there still was the child below the circumstance that did not marry even. But Tu Zhijiang is executed finally, the life already 1000 sore 100 aperture, zheng Juan still cherishs the child, affliction resembles the impression that is her, tough goodness is her instinctive quality.

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Come on the stage when Zheng Juan so when, outside warmth is soft, the pattern with very stubborn however heart had laid a foundation it seems that she this all one’s life destiny. Yan Tao can beautiful by right of Zheng this part wins an audience quickly people love, the standard that places to oneself as the actor with her does not have nothing to do is. Early the Yan Tao in be being interviewed before a few years has said, what she values most is not he can get on which make fun of, it is however in acting process, whether the good position that obtains oneself.

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When because become,different director cooperates, best condition is each other have trustful feeling, the actor should let a director believe he can be developed freely, come out oneself idea check, give a director the sense that he wants not only, give him more options, still won’t waste too much time in the spot, this ability is an idealer creation atmosphere. In fact, yan Tao these year of cooperative director countless, she is being planted toward this as far as possible ” good position ” draw close. Go out up to now, abundant has clear pure girl of 18 years old already in the part of peach personate, have the middleaged woman with very beautiful appearance, also have hang down the old woman person with old in old age, no matter be the female feature of which age,be fastened not to have the 2 explanatory note that send by her come out.

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But this still is not her most praiseworthy place, utmost returns protoplast content instinctive quality is the duty that the actor should use up, and Yan Tao is in a lot of actress external propaganda to the enemy at the front line ” can pat without play ” , the age that is oneself feels anxiety, do not encounter thereby on when suitable play, yan Tao is hit firmly early plunge into firmly, behead of with one action wins award of white yulan magnolia and flying Apsaras award, after the of reinforced material that makes be worthy of is inspected. Sighing with emotion when Yan Tao so why actress glamour is restricted only when the girl feels, many netizens express to support and approve this notion. In not long ago, because the swimsuit when giving his to go to sea is basked in to illuminate on gregarious platform,Yan Tao is returned went up to heat up search, her in the photograph face is beautiful, the figure is gentle and graceful, cannot mix her completely any correlation of 42 years old of this age generation, be praised one piece by the netizen.

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But the most god-given still not be Yan Tao had passed not of be puzzled year, it is good by outside praise figure to return, the United States is gotten cannot honest other people, be in recreation to encircle field of this fame and gain as actor body however, what is what she knows she wants, him not let sb down after screen, before screen also audience of not let sb down. (the person that create formerly: Hong Xing 2 Guo head; We are in the backyard of recreational brick home hard to be close to the truth without accredit, prohibit reprinting, the person that violate needs investigate) the picture comes from a network, invade cutout

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