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Original title: The 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day stage photo of drama of 9 movie and TV: ” peace and happiness is passed ” happy event is angry, ” drive shark is written down ” Ren Jialun eyes reachs the designated position New Year just began the first day, the play staff of drama of each big movie and TV also released stage photo of their titbits of drama of movie and TV, ” peace and happiness is passed ” divulge the move is beaming, and ” drive shark is written down ” Ren Jialun’s eyes is disclosing ” murderous look ” , too reach the designated position. Let us see the stage photo of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day of drama of these 9 movie and TV together next. The first ” peace and happiness is passed ” . A few days ago ” peace and happiness is passed ” the play staff still is in the new song that is Gong Jun ” congratulation get rich ” publicize energetically. Passed a few days to release a piece of photograph in moment of night of the New Year’s Eve. The decorate with lanterns and streamers on the mansion in the photograph, gules colored silk dressed up the board of government office, although red silken the one part that held off board, but can seeing it seems that is a government office, do not know to hold the post of moment of peace and happiness and Han Ye big marriage dress up? If be if too expected!

20220201075223 61f8e6b78e558

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The 2nd ” black clouds meets month of clear and bright ” . This city love drama that acts the leading role by Li Yitong, Jin Han. This has been Jin Han cooperated 2 times with Ding Mo, it is for the first time with Zhao Liying ” you and my bend city days ” , cooperate this with Li Yitong suspense kind love drama, tall record of formal schooling learns bully a surname to encounter (Jin Han) with belle writer Tan Jiao (Li Yitong is acted the role of) between experience is broken recall, pass through, meet again, can two people collide again the love scintilla that how goes out?

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The 3rd ” say a hero who is a hero ” . You Cengshun , Yang Chao is jumped over, the teleplay of ancient costume knight-errant that Liu Yu Ning acts the leading role. Around ” Wang Xiaoshi ” (Ceng Shun is acted the role of) the old practice of an all corners of the country that develop. In the tenderness that enters the understanding in swinging process of all corners of the country (Yang Chao is acted the role of more) , Bai Choufei (Liu Yu Ning is acted the role of) wait the person with a flock of chivalrous warm blood a moment, understood ” hero ” meaning. Yang Chao jumps over the softness that ancient clever essence blames personate, the disposition that part disposition follows her itself special build. Believe won’t be violated and, the adversary that also expects Ceng Shun and Yang Chao are jumped over makes fun of!

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The 4th ” send the home ” . Regard joyous amusement as another master piece of movie and TV, keep long in stock had not sowed 2 years, had started action business nevertheless, believe to decided archives to broadcast soon. The play staff that the government gives off is the family sits on the table to have a meal likewise, the Yi Zhongyu of personate of Wu Jin character is carrying dish to be put toward the table, two sisters also are in the easy home that go. Too expect edition of the Republic of China ” successor people ” !

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The 5th ” Hua Rong ” , the play of idol of ancient costume of subject matter of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of this celestial being that filar Ba movie and TV manufactures pushs oneself actor is follow a rational line to do some work well. The beauty of stage photo of Ju Jing Dai that nevertheless the government gives off is beautiful already, before following her namely ” fine south pass ” modelling almost exactly like, tire is hanged full head and face, do not know to act this cry play can a bit more natural?

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the six ministries in feudal China ” I call Liu Jinfeng ” , this is comedy of ancient costume love. See hot order is foreign child, that must the comedy of appropriate appropriate. He Chengyi’s partner also lets a person shine at the moment. In light of the stage photo that the government releases, cheng Yi and hot order are foreign child put aperture bright lamp hand in hand together, still write on the lamp full their wish, two people one red one pink is quite suit still, feeling of the bright lamp that put hole seems to be being done obeisance to hall ah!

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The 7th ” two small forests of the individual ” , the love that acts the leading role by Zhang Binbin, Yu Shuxin is little sweet cure department teleplay. The head that sees stage photo Zhang Binbin feeling Yu Shuxin is performed ” feel a head to kill ” , lying between screen to feel candy is divided!

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The 8th ” won’t of love we ” , the city love drama that You Jinchen, princely different acts the leading role. This also is to jubilate to enemy, jin Chen and princely different perform ” younger brother of every year sister is loved ” , had decided archives to broadcasted on Feburary 8, do you take this candy?

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The 9th ” drive shark writes down be acquainted with Jun Chu ” , in light of the stage photo that the government gives off, hot cling to still have other actress with Ren Jialun the hand takes a scenario, those who look is exceedingly serious, and the simple sense that takes actor garment is very strong, prop teacher intention! And Ren Jialun is wearing a hat on the head, there is earring on ear, deserve to go up the breath blow on the face of cape shark person and come. And staring at photograph the eyes that resembles a head too reach the designated position, felt ” murderous look ” .

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Saw the stage photo of drama of these a few movie and TV, it is really more and more those who expect these theatrical work broadcasted. Which is what everybody expects?

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