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Original title: ” perfect companion ” Ceng Yixuan is very beautiful, than Gao Yuan the circle has elite model more, drama is not much but give prize ” perfect companion ” also had been close to ending nowadays, review the whole course that seek theatrical work, men and women advocate peace male 2 female 2 exist more or less groovy dot, but have a minor role but the reception that gets an audience fully and love, that is little sister Wu You of Wu Min, of Ceng Yixuan personate, a medicine represents the elite daughter strong person of the industry, in this drama middle-sized the set of several female elite.

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Besides Wu You, still have for instance the Li Yu of personate of the white teacher of personate of plum of a surname gentleman, You Jingru is mixed the Chen Shan of Gao Yuan round personate, but be behaved mediumly from drama and appear in light of, have elite model most and bully always model is Wu You however, white teacher too experienced and astute, method of Li Yutai scheming, although Chen Shan has gas field to also have daring and resolution, but a lot of moment also have not little chamfer to nod, these female elite that let them figure of female strong person sells at a discount greatly.

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And Wu You however from only then come to maintaining eventually special the elite that scratchs an eye model, coming on the stage every time is beauty of so swift and fierce admires and bully energy of life is orderly, arrive from hairstyle dress up dress, and of the momentum that takes wind on foot and with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning make a group, make a person deep experience take office field female bully total elegant demeanour, especially she that pair of eyes, biting bully gas is very apparent and direct was full of aspirant even ambition, the very good Sa that must say Ceng Yixuan is true in drama, can say than Gao Yuan the circle has elite model more.

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Say Ceng Yixuan to just be equivalent to gues-starring costar in drama actually, not only go up line time is late, and the picture that come on the stage is less also, but go up every time the line can let a person shine at the moment, can say drama is not much but very give prize, for instance she goes up for the first time line when, be worth Wu Min to quarrel with Lin Qingkun be difficult with sb, as the little sister Wu You sees Lin Qingkun let him see the bully gas of person of a married woman’s parents’ home and boldness.

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Not only Lin Qingkun of elder sister’s husband of present and direct propaganda to the enemy at the front line, make him a bit better to elder sister Wu Min, do not think person of a married woman’s parents’ home does not bully her here, and Wu You still encourages to Wu Min boost the morale of, tell her to mom and little sister give her support, do not mix in the family for so called material go down in a low voice in marriage, when saying this word, Wu You also lets Lin Qingkun hear designedly, such the sister mother family with bully gas forthright honest and frank too but.

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Go up again for instance again line when, wu Min requests Wu You to help his think way, solve Sun Lei to follow emotional issue of Chen Shan, the expression of this moment Wu You lets a person shine at the moment again, let elder sister him Wu Min very sober and sensibly realise, the housekeeping that participates in others is how foolish and redundant, and the mood that lets Wu Min gets off and close door and expression, more adjacent and callous bully always model ah, although have bit of Gao Leng but be to have gas field too really.

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Still have from the back after Sun Lei lost the job again, wu Min requests Wu You to give Sun Lei a chance, let him go her lab works, this moment Wu You was shown on one hand before following euqally special and sober reason and bully gas fruit definitely elegant demeanour, also let a person see her heart goodness and limp one side on the other hand at the same time, because also agree finally,give Sun Lei a chance.

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And in retrospective show share, wu You still let a person see a glitter on her body is nodded, the error that that can discover namely and admits oneself is wrong perhaps, can see on the change that evaluates to Sun Lei from her, most beginning her is to Sun Lei 100 deny, but after the show that sees him in sister home, wu You also saw the advantage on Sun Lei body, this kind of sober reason and the attitude that can use issue of support of the people of look upon of comprehensive and considerable manner and method, very worth while still study, is the Wu You that anyhow Ceng Yixuan performs very beautiful really very give prize do you say?

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