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Original title: Hu Nianchun is late ” this viridescence ” brush screen! Rear still a lot of do not have the story that tells Hu Nianchun is late ” this viridescence ” brush screen! The news of CCTV of tale source | that rear a lot of have been not tell, on east of China of view news, liberation army newspaper, @ acts art the girls of black clothes of group tall hair worn in a bun or coil fund fund and row, in lively CCTV spring on late stage, blow a fresh wind. Dancing drama in verse ” this viridescence ” choose paragraph, draw a netizen to brush screen ” too beautiful! Draw a netizen to brush screen ” too beautiful!! 20220201075432 61f8e7384e90f 20220201075432 61f8e73866063 20220201075432 61f8e73879cb8 In fact, CCTV spring evening reveals, it is only ” this viridescence ” numerous your person holds his breath a few instants of occasion. “Anonymous without the paragraph, this hank; Viridescence 1000 carry, boundless of the land of country ” , ” this viridescence ” the narrative structure that uses spatio-temporal crisscross formula, review a picture ” country of a thousand li pursues ” , reproduce big Song Meixue, open is enmeshed type ” enjoy a picture ” experience. Set of gut happening time is reality in ” country of a thousand li pursues ” during be about to exhibit, also be the teenager draws a rare the first month before chiliad be about to finish a piece of writing when, because be opposite,exhibit a person ” country of a thousand li pursues ” with great concentration is studied, take the heart of rare the first month, with this have account of very few number only ” talent teenager ” have mutual affinity, mouse out ” country of a thousand li pursues ” ” alone pace 1000 carry ” accidental with inevitable. Round of bright moon bright illuminate chiliad, exhibit a person to look with rare Meng Si below moon opposite; The archaic craftsman that the worker of Wen Bo of museum of the Imperial Palace of cautious and conscientious and diligence do not stop, collective draw becomes the humanitarian picture scroll that a scene blends. 20220201075432 61f8e7388e9a3 ” this viridescence ” when countrywide make one’s rounds acted last year, be gone to theater, one ticket is begged hard. Above sea is exemple, ” this viridescence ” in Shanghai great theater premiere will end last year in September, decide 3 shows to be added immediately formerly it is 4, discuss 2022 schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater. It will meet in Shanghai great theater and audience again this year. 20220201075433 61f8e739f18e8 ” this viridescence ” total playwright-director Zhou Li inferior, Han Zhen is CCTV spring late old friend. Hand of their Ceng Lian hold guide Shanghai manufactures explode paragraph pantomime ” never the electric wave of die ” , CCTV spring is late 2020 ” never the electric wave of die ” extract ” dawn music ” leave deep impression to the audience. Quite ” viridescence ” with ” electric wave ” when difference, two playwright-director say, “Our avoid ‘ electric wave ‘ trace, do not want to repeat the past. ” this viridescence ” story sex is not so strong, more stays white with freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting. It and ‘ electric wave ‘ place of applicable to both or all depends on discovering emotion logic closed circuit, want to achieve affection resonance finally. ” ” this viridescence ” tradition of China of regression of elemental fundamental key is aesthetic, the place of eye and, powdery black viridescence, “Dance beauty and multimedia more China is changed, each frame picture resembles Gu Hua. ” CCTV spring evening is restricted as a result of time place, can reveal only ” this viridescence ” group dance. And record and narrate of whole dancing drama in verse the name is drawn from be born to save, a variety of unforgettable memory in research. It with ” drama in verse ” for stylistic, with ” exhibit roll, ask seal, sing silk, find handwriting or painting of pen of stone, be used to, oil, suitable for a painting ” wait for canto to be detailed outline, the audience follows a researcher of museum of the Imperial Palace — the perspective that exhibits a person, roam in interest of traditional aesthetic of China of rich legend colorific. ” this viridescence ” collect folk songs of playwright-director group development, with have a heart-to-heart talk of cultural relic expert, just arena goes up the picture of beautiful Huan of United States annulus. Draw of place of rare the first month ” country of a thousand li pursues ” , material comes from palace of Northen Song Dynasty, the high quality data that drive gives is born to be drawn provide important corporeal basis, the wisdom that also is Chinese conventional technology condenses. Northen Song Dynasty knits thin silk, make a pen, make the craft such as Chinese ink all develop a height, place of fill in colors on a sketch uses azurite and a green pigment made of malachite also is the mineral dye with cost extremely high cost. Be in when the achievement assemble of these top class craft ” country of a thousand li pursues ” , viridescence water from a mountain brushwork turns Xiang Dian peak. Han Zhen remembers, ” this viridescence ” stage plans in creation, with contact of close quarters of staff member of the Imperial Palace, “They film ” country of a thousand li pursues ” , black out, whole move that draw extensive is lapidary the ray like. Hand of staff member handgrip teachs us how write. The audience loses sight of the likelihood these detail, but our prop respects size of original other people. Old expert speaks of Gu Hua and anecdotes, verbal mention lightly, move however ability Jing 4, affection dimension that lets us find creative work is spent, they are retaining traditional artisan drive like acting like the Song Dynasty artist. They are retaining traditional artisan drive like acting like the Song Dynasty artist.. 20220201075434 61f8e73aec0a9 Nowadays, hu Nianchun already fell late next heavy curtain, ” this viridescence ” the heartstrings that moved countless spectators to appearing beautifully. The netizen says, “Instantly looks cried, the historical picture scroll that flows like spreads out slowly, and we all are to exhibit a person. ” playwright-director Han ever said really: “Interact best with the audience, it is dance person the mental temperament that passes work him general delivers a viewer, they can resemble seeing draw same regard you. Show when, 2 degrees of creation of the audience had spread out. ” playwright-director people also give out to the audience invite, “Hope everybody can not walk into a theater read dancing drama in verse ” this viridescence ” ” . 20220201075437 61f8e73d05179

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