Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Yin Zheng says to pat ” the four seas ” see joyous song play wants to place bit to Han Han only

20220201080422 61f8e986482bd

On Feburary 1 first day of the lunar year, the film ” the four seas ” show. Dispatch discloses among them main actor Yinzheng film detail, state oneself saw a role only at the outset ” joyous song ” play. By after be being appeared by drama his speak bluntly: “I know eventually! At that time why you do not read complete script to me, give me only ‘ joyous song ‘ play! I should place bit to you! ! ! ” look this gut is to comparative cruel, also won’t let hair of Yin Zhengru this blast otherwise. In the meantime, he also divulges in comment area he also has not seen a movie. The netizen sees the comment leaves a message in succession after Yin Zheng’s dispatch: “This is the Yin Zheng of New Year, a new year, wool of his beauty beautiful blast! ” ” cannot drama is appeared… anyway you looked to be able to understand his present mood… “

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