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Original title: ” lens twin city ” the art of lens of Su Maxiu refine, cracked art, does the person that ferocious therefore impart? These 3 the dot can confirm The teleplay that Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi acts the leading role ” lens twin city ” had replaced 24 part, and in new the plot of a play Su Ma and Bai Ying head for hill of 9 towering like a mountain peak to capture monarch day sword and avoid drip, and still want the seal of unlock true haze. He Zhenlan here photograph comparing, su Ma and white Ying go all the way the crisis is heavy, su Ma and white Ying entered dense fog forest, and encountered hare trailing plants chase after kill.

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In fact the purpose with this hare real trailing plants is not is Su Ma, however Bai Ying, because the leader standing of this hare trailing plants is great special, the name cries elegant light, once was shark person, and the princess that still is shark person, just this princess is the shark person princess more than 7000 years ago, the preexistence Bai Wei’s princess that once wanted poison Bai Ying, the result felt sea country however, astral honour emperor is excuse with this, destroyed sea country, and arrest shark person to disembark, your shark person becomes slave.

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Just Su Ma is in beside, elegant light did not move, leave her to just start to atttack till Su Ma, and little sister white Lin of Bai Ying moves suddenly to be saved, this ability saved Bai Ying, otherwise if elegant light be about procurable. Because Bai Ying and Bai Wei grow euqally,she moves to kill Bai Ying should be, do not have friendly intercourse premonitory in light of, she did not continue it seems that again dialogue Ying moved.

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Besides Bai Ying’s past, su Ma’s past also was announced in new the plot of a play, original Su Ma comes more than 100 this years actual strength dash forward add push ahead vigorously, because a mysterious place went after leaving Yunhuang,be, this place is the cereal of dustpan end, be in this place Su Ma within an inch of is gone, however a mysterious sound tells him to want to impart supernatural power gives him, and want Su Ma bear the anguish that turns over bite, and later Su Ma to obtain powerful force subsist, chose to comply with this audio word, amid repairs refine a lot of years.

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That is to say cracked art of Su Ma is this special sound impart, and who is this audio host? About this problem, the answer in origianl work is 6 close besides the force of free, alter as to drama edition exceedingly tremendous, the individual with the largest possibility considers as the person that ferocious, destroy a god namely. Why so say? The reason has 3, the art that the first person that ferocious also can crack, and when black dragon of Su Ma melt into enters lens tower, the art that put to good use cracks, was absorbed by him force, this is the strongest evidence.

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The 2nd, the art of lens and cracked art are to result from actually besides Yunhuang, do not have art of this two big secret in cloud barren, and astral honour emperor results from just about Yun Fu, the method that so he has cracked art and lens is not accident. The 3rd also be the most important, the solution of the method that why Bai Ying knows lens is that? According to Bai Ying’s description, the solution account of the art of lens was in on the ancient codes and records that ability of royal family of only available mulberry sees, she saw later, just know solution, ke Zhenlan does not know the magic arts on Su Ma body however.

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The place on put together is narrated, the likelihood with the art that the magic arts of Su Maxiu refine cracks, the oldest method of lens is the Xian Zuxing that comes from empty mulberry honour emperor, namely the ferocious person on lens tower, of course the ferocious person nowadays is destroyed the god gives control, , he imparts this kind of magic arts gives Su Ma, it is to use unreal of Su Ma He Yu, Zhen Lan to wait for his chess bureau, this also is why the reason that he sees Zhen Lan takes a fancy to an unreal again, not be him ” humanitarian ” , however he wants this a flock of people are dallied with at between the palm, the destruction that satisfies oneself desire.

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Build the source of the crack art of refine, art of lens to the Suma in drama edition, are you how look? Welcome compensatory make a comment or criticism, we fall period see!

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