Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: ” lofty ideal reach the clouds 2 ” Shang Ge of A of linkage rugger motion gives lens to publicize

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Tom Kelusi acts the leading role ” lofty ideal reach the clouds: Go alone a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” dispatch of 1905 films net a few days ago, already static stay mirror announced stock of a conduct propaganda. Film and alliance of American country rugger undertook dreamy linkage. The main actor gives lens championship to publicize short, the Xin Na that it is laborious carries can of VS of fierce tiger team the match boost the morale of of team of Sa Sicheng cacique. In stock, ashangge is reincarnate the promotion ambassador of the match, he introduced two team, and tell about the necessity of the battle with the identity of the part in film. He says: “It is now, two teams battle ” . In addition, of match camera lens and movie part mix cut, the occurrence of battleplan, also added warm blood to feel character for whole conduct propaganda. Film 1986 ” lofty ideal reach the clouds ” ever was called history on the most successful air battle movie, the Hollywood that also is Ashangge at the same time becomes famous. In those days, the Mai Delin of elite air man of the personate in depending on film one horn, tom Kelusi becomes killer of star class girl from suddenly change one’s identity of new personality actor. Its director is the little brother of celebrated director. Film open the road of screen image of Tom Kelusi, make at the same time large quantities of United States youths join American navy below the impel of film. Current, this calm archives is in this year will show on May 27.

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