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Original title: Have sodden remaining part after all? Dilatancy ” germinant ” be in with difference of type subject matter with abroad The platform of the any connective network such as if you are active the hot search of the friend circle in small letter, small gain, little red book, then you have more or less certainly by popular recently teleplay ” germinant ” brush screen to pass. Home these year of net theatrical work with a few better public praise, from ” secret corner ” to ” silent truth ” arrive again ” germinant ” , the case of a complicated and confusing or incident come to have the aid of of all without exception the secret of dug human nature.

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See small gain a lot of netizens halloo ” sodden end ” , reason is very actually simple, no more than is king bud bud gets off affection of too far-fetched, Li Shi dissuades the reason driver too laggard, car is excellent the change that the guest reacts is unreasonable and a lot of matting doubtful point did not explain early days. But the friends that say to do not have sodden end are very reasonable also: Li Shi affection and the Cp knock of the cloud that be like a crane arrived, die without the person, the hellion of bud of bud of act indecently towards king and driver boiler aunt got be punished accordingly, with respect to the filiation in linking theatrical work nervous watermelon old farmer also has a good final result, it is the Happy Ending of an everyone is happy.

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So have sodden remaining part after all? The purpose of playwrite, no more than is to show terrestrial changes in temperature, circulate and just attract a kind of shift that the audience sees without current limliting. In the ending of the story, mystery solution to a problem leaves, hellion got punish, we should believe a police forever. What he wants to deliver energy has reached the designated position, also need not care about this to circulate after all from why and come, because why ended. But to lover of a few suspense, they are more than these trifling incident to the interest of circular itself. They ” germinant ” and ” source code ” undertake comparative, because be opposite,be ” germinant ” it is certain to expressed expect. ” source code ” Ceng Chuang made parallel universe, so ” germinant ” whether does innovation give more charming than parallel universe idea? Perhaps say it whether does with a kind clap letting a person cry absolutely means bring together? To the audience of this part, ” germinant ” brought not little disappointed sense to them really.

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because of such, work of a lot of movie and TV, no matter teleplay, film still is moved,overflow, put in similar problem more or less: Be full of Chinese characteristic, lack international standard. Actually, and ” germinant ” in same scratch line, should not be ” source code ” , and should be the film ” the day of marmot ” (abbreviation ” earth ” ) , and day theatrical work ” class of 3 years of A – begin now, you are hostage – ” (abbreviation ” 3 ” ) , here the author suggests strongly Tecent video ” germinant ” in classification ” suspense ” change ” love ” or ” gut ” , lest lover of a few suspense is entered by accident among them. The grading on fabaceous valve ” earth ” (160 thousand person is evaluated) and ” 3 ” (140 thousand person is evaluated) it is 8.6 minutes, ” germinant ” (440 thousand person is evaluated) criterion from decline 8.5 minutes at the beginning to 8 minutes of present. Although evaluate a number to be put in certain difference, but review contrast 3 subject matter, character is modelled and story expression looks, this grading is objective in the main. So, be defeated after all which?

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From the point of subject matter, ” earth ” as the motion picture that showed 1993, it is earlier open ” wireless loop ” one of films of the topic. This film and ” suspense ” do not take a side, but much a few minutes ” comedic ” imply, this lets it look a few more relaxed. It is clever at the same time the ground not with ” suspense ” to sell a site, audience nature won’t be persistent at ” why to enter a loop ” or ” why be not the day in marmot to circulate ” on this one problem. Model in the character on, ” earth ” there is heavy mission on hero body. The no more than after he entered a loop is he must repeat the town that returns him to be fed up with, accept hapless destiny, and realize gradually when him should make actively change, after answer the world sincerely and chasing after goddess, this loop also ended. But what differ to it is ” germinant ” medium men and women advocate the life that what bear on the body is one car person, and their every loop, awake to want to taking the anguish that has died, this lets rectified department theatrical work to cheat the black gauze of a depression.

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Go up in this kind of set actually, ” germinant ” be have an advantage — in abroad as always pursue individualistic setting to fall, if domestic movie and TV can pass the destiny two people and the series of many estate, show broader view and more mutiple level emotion, may bring a very pretty good breakthrough. When when fine long hair the destiny of a flock of irrelevant people is bound together, the their social setting, collision enough that ponders over mode and behavior motive lets catch person eyeball circularly every time, the resonance of the causes a variety of types audience with the can better collision that different dimension spends, for example it is beyond the mark that Lu Di of 2 dimensions little brother is mixed the mom of protective desire, want so that be ready to help others for a just cause the unemployed uncle of award and reform but the watermelon old farmer that is contacted by discontinuity. But the risk with write existence particular so: Let an audience easily feel ” whats looked, what be like to also did not look again ” . After all teleplay most those who abstain from is laggard, but compact gut really hard what in a few words writes one individual thing is very plump, so the model of these costar is brought up can appear coarse, let a person leave impression hard, can sheet can not make up for this by acting.

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Additional, from the point of terminal processing, ” earth ” deciding to make the scene after the change answers the life actively in depict hero is compact and wraparound, did not describe among them detail in detail, more to him through people the change of the manner comes flank foil. Contrast rises ” germinant ” appear laggard in terminal point, not only same gut repeats perform, besides the men and women advocate love warms up ceaselessly the attitude of someone else is basic it doesn’t matter changes, li Shi affection and Xiao Heyun also do not accord with them to experience in the sort of hurry-scurry when dissuading a driver so circulate for many times this some condition. The author thinks, begin is depicted to the top of one’s bent and the atmosphere of matting suspense is desirable, but when bring together must follow firm quickly, want logistic careful already, want the plot of a play again compact, have higher demand to whole scenario really. Will look from this bit, ” source code ” and ” horrible You Lun ” can offer set an example very well, one is to be after the basis that explains a loop scientificly the concept of derivative and parallel universe, one is the suspense that kept to make a person meaningful.

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Mainstream view is at present medium perhaps, the author should be the first thinks of ” 3 ” . Although the arena of the story and setting are different, but these two teleplay are around move of a schoolgirl spread out to death, they involved network force, promote gut development through a kind of passive means. ” 3 ” although do not enjoy a circulation, those who play is penetralia escapes, but it is modelled in the character on having clear advantage — 45 students that are together tiredly, they once were close classmates. But it is nowadays in nervous, pressure and panic, they suspicious each other, shirk responsibility, human selfishness and immature show without involuntary discharge of urine, pass a teacher at the same time drive with teach, the change that gives their state of mind is shown in the process that finds a murderer stage by stage, give an audience enough psychological pleasure. Under photograph comparing, circulate even if every time reshuffle, cannot show the change of popular feeling condition, also achieve such result without method. Additional, ” 3 ” last collect, the teacher is right everybody that paragraph of touching appeal, also sublimate the gist of this drama — the everybody that the murderer is the inhospitality on the network, this paragraph looks to be able to be touched very much how many times without giving thought to.

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Under photograph comparing, ” germinant ” grabbing boiler to go up completely in the main idea of last collect, what cause cause of death of king bud bud directly is this wretched uncle, but Wang Meng is taken on the network bud accident video is evil the person that get, don’t they have a fault? Those do not know the person that its real situation comments on without the head, don’t they have a fault? It is they force Wang Xingde’s couple is disappointedly to the society secondhand, let a witness not dare attest, don’t they have responsibility? Regretful is ” germinant ” the iceberg that opened network force one horn, go down without get to the bottom of however, this teleplay brought enough sensation, did not dig enough depth however.

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Nevertheless this picks bone in the egg a bit really, in recent years homebred drama has really to good trend, no matter new actor or old show bone are very online, also begin to fumble new theme and deduce a form. Hope ” germinant ” it is domestic movie and TV and international those who conform is germinant, home can have ceaselessly the work with good more appears.

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