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Original title: Hu Nianchun late TV carries average viewing rate to exceed 21% to increased last year relatively apparent (origin: Red star news) only the United States is classic ” this viridescence ” , move rise ” Fu Chunshan resides a graph ” … late on January 31, total stage of central broadcasting television ” 2022 Spring Festival evening party ” much file program obtained many audiences to nod assist. Be worth what carry is, sichuan element becomes a ray of Chun Wanyao eye. CCTV spring evening always directs Liu Zhen this year is Sichuan heart in relief person, liao Changyong, Li Yu spring, Xie Na, Tan Weiwei, Wu Lei, Huo Yong also brought program of wonderful singing and dancing.

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The CCTV this year spring late content is novel chic, affection is enthusiastic and full. Of the fictitious technology such as 720 degrees of annular screen and XR, AR clever apply, act according to an ideological content, artistic quality, culture that views and admire sexual all beautiful for the audience big eat. The evening party gets the wide attention of global audience and media first and last, think generally 2022 spring late vivid and dramatic, go out to give prize newly, built the festal atmosphere of full of vim and vigour, a scene of bustling activity.

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According to preliminary count, up to on January 31 24 when, 2022 spring late TV carries living broadcast average viewing rate is amounted to 21.93% , increased last year relatively apparent. The perpendicular screen that rolls out first looks spring late accumulative total watchs person-time 200 million, 30 years old of the following users in perpendicular screen user are occupied than exceeding 50% , the netizen is like tide reputably, total drop assist is counted 360 million, perpendicular screen of feedback mobile phone looks spring have late really innovation, good-looking, bless the motherland to flourish in succession prosperous and strong, Guo Taimin is installed. Abroad respect, many 600 media that comes from the 170 many countries such as chief of a tribe of couplet of the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Australia, India, A, Singapore and area is right spring have synchronous direct seeding and story late.

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Obtain reputably dancing ” this viridescence ” a week Li of playwright-director inferior come from Sichuan, she and Han Zhen’s two people are called star of current stage Gemini, created ” sanded bay past ” ” never the electric wave of die ” ” beautiful magnolia ” wait for a series of applauding the pantomime of draw a large audience, love by the youth. In December 2021, ” this viridescence ” ever was in the international of big cool hill 2021 has a show on Thespian section. cultural relic of heavyweight of the Imperial Palace ” country of a thousand li pursues ” the story moves stage, let national treasure shine new. Zhou Li inferior think: “The need when should facing traditional culture is creative, but also should defend innovating, hold a rigorous, awe-stricken heart. Hold a rigorous, awe-stricken heart..

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In current CCTV spring in the evening, the bedding face of unearthed relics bronze of caboodle of An Hansan star provides Sichuan to exhibit true look first. This bronze big mask comes from SamSung to pile 3 hole, be apart from today 3000 old, it is the system capacity that at present relics of foregone SamSung caboodle comes up out of land the biggest, save the large bronze mask with whole situation. Subsequently originality dancing ” golden face ” adopt fictitious technique, let dancer people in moving back and forth in bronze mask, bronze to establish a person, pass through ancient Sichuan country, developed thick Sichuan flavour and culture.

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