Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: 18 years old of female stars meet with father home is cruel 10 years, the late night takes mom to run away, say discontinuity father daughter concerns The exterior of Sita of 18 years old of members that Thailand Qing Dynasty strides element CGM48 is melting and lovely, have miserable extraction background however, met with on January 30 gassed father cuff and kick, be forced to escape to friend home with mom helpless open direct seeding ask for help, broker company also phonates the actor below division of can main protection.

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Sita the day before yesterday the late night is opposite in the accuse and Bacchic father in direct seeding oneself and mom are violated, such case has been as long as 10 years, although mother and daughter two already escaped to friend home to take refugee first, but Sita or the safety that worry about mom very much, show the condition of an injury that goes up personally to camera lens. Newspaper of article of 31 days of reappearance is restful, disclose mother and daughter two at present very safe, already undertook check is hurt, because father rejects to recoup all medical treatment charge and loss, decision disengage, develop new life together with mom, the hope can win everybody’s support, also expect experience of oneself of by means of to encourage by the person with cruel home can brave. Sita place belongs to a company to also send the government to state Li Tingqi leaves a member in 31 days of before dawn: “The company does not support use force completely to solve any problems, can provide comprehensive assistance for the member. Can provide comprehensive assistance for the member..

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Sita is the first phase member of CGM48, after going out 2019, it is the central position of the group, person energy of life is very fiery; Besides, when she answers the query of vermicelli made from bean starch at the beginning of 2021, say frankly oneself are like-minded identity, cause netizen heat to discuss.

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