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Original title: ” between the world ” sow the 6th collect, does numerous cast show how?

20220201102057 61f90989593ef

Catch up with the Spring Festival, affected really ” between the world ” broadcast plan, hard to avoid lets a person have the feeling that sees not to one’s heart’s contently, so that a lot of everybody like actor, did not show too much, for instance everybody the fine of ten the Song Dynasty that treat in installment, the actor that has come on the stage however, also showed not the acting of common.

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Thunder favorable reply as always firm, explain the feeling of the sort of Song, bud, cheap very well and truly, should say this part and thunder favorable reply are stuck exceedingly, so that perform the problem of difficulty to existing him. Till this part is current, be being shown so that more returning is happy field, this and from the back destiny turn can form bright contrast, after that period will of favorable reply of farther test thunder erupt force, this also is the show share that the audience expects most.

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Sa Rina frown and smile is enough, she is that time mother is reincarnate, smile has melt the force of popular feeling. The mother with thunder favorable reply child show share, explain insipidly and dozen moving, the gas field of two people is special also be identical, this are very god-given really, look reach the director also should be well-content to such set.

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His current situation and horny hue become Feng Lei be identical, so that still present the acting that gives special nature, so far, this part is opposite for more insipid, expect from the back the space that he can have more play.

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Zhang Kaili’s only a few act make fun of, behave very wonderfully, have a little bit of all kinds, obstinate with proud leader figure depict is gotten lifelike, must admire its masterly acting, this not allow to obliterate.

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Complete theatrical work of Cheng Tai most the actor that lets a person admire, can saying is play all over, simple a few movements, a few short actor’s lines, make a person farther to the character’s understanding deep, this is the tension that cast performs.

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The quadrature in the compasses in Xin Baiqing expression, can say his present condition and part discrepancy are a bit big only, if be put to the front of 10 years, this part is certainly most one of attractive parts. Have 6 market only at present of course, believe to reach the growth of experience as part age, xin Baiqing is met more and more enter the most pleasant stage gradually.

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Share of Yu Zhen show is not much, but expression is applied very reach the designated position, if at shake sureness comes down, it is a good actor absolutely. Believe from the back he can have more to develop a space, at the appointed time people also is interviewed know his real actual strength.

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Fourth Yong Dai feels he accords with that time all set to father, simple and honest, honest and frank is adscititious and hale, a few play come down, believe many people can think of his father, silent in taking dark, this kind of glamour is very inapproachable really.

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Yan Tao comes on the stage not only Jing admired thunder favorable reply, also Jing admired a lot of audience, yan Tao has charm too really, put in that time, also won’t let a person have jump the feeling of play. In that time, total meeting has 9 ordinary people to look beside people ” not serious woman ” , yan Tao’s strongest place is, did not become part personate small pitiful, however accurate reflected, the part is the sort of individual character, stubborn reach prideful, this has the actor gift of bit of age to accomplish this only. Although broadcasted only at present 6 collect, but come on the stage the role is behaved basically pretty good, this assured the quality of this drama greatly, overall see all actors be performed in what bear his painstakingly, believing is for force of follow-up gut hair. ” between the world ” broadcast now, you most Where is the performance that which actor enjoys?

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