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Original title: ” is weather official blessed ” return hard ” demon path the founder of a school of learning ” all-time success? The reason showed the fact at 3 o’clock Although Chinese ink sweet the stink of money has 3 novel only at present, but depended on these 3 to obtain extremely tall attention to spend merely, became great master the TOP level writer in the eye, this is in novel domain is quite scarce actually. And ” weather official is blessed ” and ” demon path the founder of a school of learning ” sale went teleplay copyright, of these two novels famous degree differ very few, but the opinion that obtained polarity however in teleplay domain.

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Affix one’s seal of old paean personally ” demon path the founder of a school of learning ” adapted teleplay is phenomenal course work, and ” weather official is blessed ” struggle hard inside the disturbance that still boycotts in the masses, although the reason among this has a lot of, but all-time success that weather official means to reproduce demon to, have 3 o’clock is it of complete be not a patch on, the analysis comes along to fall below.

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01 plays are adapted adapt play to the novel for, whether proper reductive fiction the plot of a play accords with drama of movie and TV to film again habit all the time since it is a very big difficult problem, and the play is adapted go up from another degree very tall also to the requirement of origianl work novel. ” demon path the founder of a school of learning ” the structural frame that teleplay edition basically abided by full text, did only to cross careful a few revise.

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But the defects cannot obscure the virtues is for whole, and ” Tian Guanci blessing ” the as it happens when filming is met double male advocate type TV is rectified and reform, never mention it withhold origianl work gut, be afraid had connected careful debatable. Such looking, the play adapts the place with also was become quite difficult.

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The following content expends main actor of content 55% 02 to give lubricious Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo to be in to pay piece act ” Chen Qing makes ” later all the time fire arrived now, no matter be dead,faithful pink or resource of a gleam of comparative breathtaking. In all fairness, xiao Zhan really show Weimo admires that argute and intelligent interest, and Wang Yibo also really show blue the disposition that forgets machine Gao Leng is dim. Part and actor are accomplished each other, not just full earthen bowl of basin of capital square earn is full, also achieved even actor itself quite dazzling result. Turn over the Xiao Wen that watch a surname and Zhang Ling conspicuous, level is appeared to come out in the road ugly according to, it is to let a person carry really do not have interest.

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03 pairs male advocate type ” demon path the founder of a school of learning ” adapt teleplay ” Chen Qing makes ” beginning first also is objected strongly by everybody, but later period attracted new reader by right of outstanding gut, became everybody’s mind successfully to love. What this enough proves work needs is not the sale that blot out the sky and cover up the earth, however the actual strength of work itself.

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But ” weather official is blessed ” do not have so good luck probably, at present double male advocate the drama of movie and TV of the type is being adjusted under it is very difficult to broadcast, plus what before filming the task is to adjusting announcement to broadcast, undertake, estimation is to cannot cross careful. And cannot cross careful to mean this work to will not meet with everybody, so change of later period impressional also raised with respect to have no way.

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Look in dumpling, ” weather official is blessed ” it is to cannot return ” demon path the founder of a school of learning ” of all-time success, whether to know you agree with the viewpoint of dumpling? Good, this period talk about here, official of hope everybody guest can like, picture origin network, invade cutout. If you like the article, greeting dot assist, comment and share, appreciate your support, later period can change free content wonderfully newlier continuously, if have different opinion, the welcome will leave a message.

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