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Original title: This life has you: The person exposure that the behind the curtain conceals, filling Fang Tingcai is castle, nie Dongyuan fault believed him Teleplay ” this life has you ” immediately big ending, although this drama gut feels very dog blood, but be unable to bear main actor acting very good, the audience looks very enchantedly still, nie Dongyuan sudden illness is exasperate, unconscious, Pi far group faces the crisis again, at this moment Nie Yucheng must stand, chair east far group, lest the group appears confused.

20220201111109 61f9154df3dfa

Gut develops now, the behind the curtain conceals the deepest person to show water eventually, so he expresses the authority father’s younger brother that confronts Nie Dongyuan devotion namely. Quan Shuyi has go-getting to Pi far group continuously.

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Authority father’s younger brother thinks Nie Dongyuan is unconscious, nie Yucheng is learn cure do not understand be in business, it is his palm accuses at this moment east the best opportunity of far group. He still uses the relationship that Cheng Fangting is Nie Dongyuan’s illegitimate child, use Cheng Fangting to come the palm accuses Pi far group, the surface looks at be perfectly justifiable.

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What authority father’s younger brother does not know is, nie Yucheng is to obscure actual strength actually, although he is from cure, but it is as a child beside Nie Dongyuan, also be very perfectness to trade thing. Nie Yucheng is mixed on the board of directors deal with of authority father’s younger brother, this has shown those who suffer a defeat to Nie Yucheng is not so easy, at this moment Tan Jing also is informed, the person that kills her father dead in those days is Quan Shushi, it is the secretary that will to the group do Nie Yucheng more, two people cope with authority father’s younger brother together.

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Here, nie Yucheng carries Shu Qin’s significance, talk with Cheng Fangting and, filling what he gives alms marrow when Fang Tingzhi line is small is Nie Yucheng when, he put down the animosity in the heart thoroughly, unlock of He Nieyu Cheng misunderstanding.

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Cheng Fangting joins the rank with static peace talks of Nie eaves Cheng later, come along with them the attack of checkmate authority father’s younger brother, await the will be law punish of authority father’s younger brother.

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