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Original title: Fierce is become Zhang Cuishan’s weapon is the pen that sentence an official obviously, to why became big sword however in drama of movie and TV? Fierce is become Zhang Cuishan of 5 a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, it is Zhang Sanfeng the most beloved prentice. His gentle adn cultivated, military accomplishment excel in, and complete in both respects of civil and military, comprehension is strange tall, be the most hopeful successive fierce becomes the person of legacy inside 7 a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct. Because be good at writing, the weapon that Zhang Cuishan uses at ordinary times is one handle the pen that sentence an official and hook of head of a tiger. Both hands can the weapon that at the same time exert differs two kinds, also make him small off year discipline got ” silver-colored hook iron delimits ” monicker, became the fierce with illustrious prestige to become 5 a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct. But in the work that turns in movie and TV, zhang Cuishan’s weapon can change Cheng Baojian commonly.

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Because art show has compared a Lu Huawu of sword law,this comes is accuse, 10 have the hero of ancient costume drama of 89 to be able to use sword method. The wushu that the play staff goes to please coachs and vicarious also was used to use sword method, change instead of a kind of enginery incommensurate, can serious effect makes the rate of progress of play.

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2 come the knight-errant in audience impression is small be born is Bai Yi waves, hold the about of yataghan. What sentences hook of head of government-owned pen, tiger to listen to had not heard of, lardy-dardy instead can let an audience think he is villain in drama by accident, lacked the pleasure that takes the place of. The most important of course actor itself that still acts Zhang Cuishan does not have countless strength, what in movement of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance this basically leans together is fierce for. Alleged difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart, even if place a Pose, make fun of what finish very hard also easily a few times to cover a region, presenting the result that come out constrainedly also is not quite ideal.

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Additional, zhang Cuishan is in leaning on a day also is a transitional costar character nevertheless, show share is not heavy, on detail completely negligible not plan, too much without necessary flower also idea goes presenting him. Then Zhang Cuishan became past master of a fencing in drama of movie and TV so. Come so nevertheless, produced trifling flaw on the structure of gut however. For instance, monicker silver of Zhang Cuishan hooks iron to delimit do not fall real point, become fine long hair is insignificant, dispensable. Additional, zhang Cuishan keeps a book in the carve characters on a seal on Wang Panshan’s cliff, wrote down ” fierce Lin Zhizun, dragon of treasure knife massacre. Order the world, mo Gan not from. Lean on a day not to go out, who and contend for sharp edge. Who and contend for sharp edge..

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If be the word that uses a sword, need be told very hard so that connect in origianl work novel actually in gold. Because the sword is soft enginery, easy turn folds cliff of bring into contact with rupture, very deep work force needs in cliff carve characters on a seal with it. In those days one ace Wang Chongyang uses Wulindi the hand is on cliff even of carve characters on a seal cannot, work force set is medium slant the Zhang Cuishan below uses sword carve characters on a seal also is inconceivable. With the pen that sentence an official different, it connects body sincere, most advanced and sharp, break off not easily. Jin Yong returns designed point out force of Zhang Cuishan work is dilettante, strokes enters stone not deep. Although have quarter rock,take the skill of the word because of this piece of emerald green hill, not be Xie Xun’s adversary as before however. Be worth what carry is, weapon of this two handles returned pair of follow-up gut to produce main effect. Zhu Changling gives Xie Xun’s whereabouts to cover, carry off massacre dragon knife, cheat Zhang Moji to say Zhang Cuishan has saved their life then, to in an attempt to obtains his credit. Zhu Changling drew a picture to be hanged in the bedroom designedly, picture go-between left hand is taking a check mark, the right hand takes put pen to paper, appearance and Zhang Moji are a bit similar. Identify not easily originally the identity, but he indicates weapon as it happens of the gender can see is silver-colored hook iron delimits Zhang Cuishan. After Zhang Moji saw a picture, the heart is prevented complete by Zhu Changling smash, became the piece that he orders about, within an inch of make a gross error.

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As classic work, lean on a day to was broken up to be patted a lot of times. Perhaps be these casual the little detail between holds the ground to still do not reach the designated position, let an audience feel work of movie and TV is inferior to origianl work after all, still have continue to break up those who pat is necessary.

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