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Original title: One collect of | of the detailed list that seek theatrical work enters pit, pile up the Spring Festival to look! Breath out, disappear for ages! Everybody has spent the New Year! Drink from what eat before New Year use to what wear, busy extremely. Gown of battle of New Year of & of bag of New Year battle also early put on a body? ? 20220201111413 61f9160571c28 It is ” place spends the New Year ” the Spring Festival, besides with family, friend outside dining together, believe everybody more time are to be curtilage in the home ” do-nothing ” , ” faineant ” . To make everybody’s holiday a bit more contented, childe arranged a piece of Spring Festival to pursue drama detailed account, have do theatrical work of laugh go with rice easily, also have the suspense theatrical work of nervous stimulation. Of big Leng Tian, the nest fills in the snack in the home filling drama is very sweet also ah! 20220201111414 61f916063652c Prepare snacks do we drive? ? Drunkard city women20220201111414 61f916064d41d This is year end a dark horse really, the 2021 Han drama in my memory is optimal. Broadcast be affixed gigantic go with rice, gigantic go with wine, gigantic comical, gigantic good cry, gigantic solution is pressed, gigantic cure wait for label. One second does not delay the sister that had not visited, look please immediately immediately to me! 20220201111414 61f91606ad725 Leading role is 30 years old of schoolgirls of 3 different disposition, an a beautiful, cruel, ordinary warmth. 3 mad approve beauty to gather everyday have a meal drink, talk about happy thing, say the thing with not happy chamfer, the friendship between the girl is good touching. 20220201111415 61f916071f771 Besides friendship, duty field education of oppressive, parents, family member dies wait for earnest topic to also be blended in in gut. But not blindly homiletic, describe true and exquisite feeling in ordinary and trifling life however, instead can move more person, let a person cry and laugh at the same time. 20220201111415 61f9160780361 Every collect 339 minutes, gross 12 collect, look very fast. And the fundamental key of whole department theatrical work is very relaxed and warm, the story of every collect has resonance very much again, I am chased after one day at a heat do not take rest. 20220201111415 61f91607e71fb ? ? Dali is spinal soup20220201111416 61f916086536e This is added light comedy of romance of colorific of a bit suspense, very go with rice. Must not be persuaded to retreat by its drama name, I am the really sweet spot of appropriate appropriate. A thousand pieces of gold of be in distress of & of dog of simple kindness earth, sweet really dead I ah (those who be not artificial saccharin is sweet) , even if has a place not actual, but good-looking still! 20220201111416 61f91608cce53 Host of male and female is set too marvellous. Male advocate it is the upstart that relies on to sell spinal soup get rich, the garment tastes very ugly, knowledge very poor, every collect should is fond of carry company dead instant. For all that, but person parent gets handsome, 3 view, simple kindness is carried thoroughly again, return intelligence quotient when anything crops up all the way online, the male host of the ceiling is set. 20220201111417 61f916094b2a0 20220201111417 61f91609b94ff Female advocate the daughter that is art gallery curator, but the tall cold plutocrat that is not Han drama convention female, expert softly however the slow-witted bud small broadness that has self-restraint loves. Look be like effeminate small Bai Hua, but face familial downfallen do not escape, sturdy and strong volume. 20220201111418 61f9160a41f63 Men and women advocate easy not be affectedly bashful, of two worlds small interactive gigantic really gigantic gigantic sweet, female secretary also acts very to do laugh. Frost of the eye when seeing this play must be wiped reach the designated position, otherwise the laugh line of eye week is afraid of is to be not blocked. 20220201111418 61f9160a98e5e Gut advances clarity not to grind Ji, and do not have all sorts of small misunderstanding take care to think of, look special satisfy a craving. Female advocate wear build also very raise a key point, each elegant have artistic feeling again, colour collocation is very pretty good, can saying is walking pictorial. 20220201111419 61f9160b0598c 20220201111419 61f9160b49554 ? ? Love most20220201111419 61f9160b8a9eb Very long did not see day of play, the friend was recommended ” love most ” . Sow a week free order programme 2.87 million, become Shi Shangchu of TBS day theatrical work to answer the drama anthology with maximum number of the rebroadcast after broadcasting. 20220201111419 61f9160bdde52 Netizen of some beans valve comments on this drama — ” it is simply ” blame nature dies ” director and ” for N ” ordinary members of theatrical troupe is used ” your name ” the play that films the style patted a Dongye Guiwu Style ” . 20220201111420 61f9160c1ec71 20220201111420 61f9160c562a7 Once first love lover, encounter again after 15 years became case suspect however. Past is the memory of junior happiness, nowadays is case dispute those who fall is ambiguous. Carrying the renown head of suspense drama on the head, help the ambiguous move of old love meet again however full. 20220201111420 61f9160c90fb1 Auspicious is tall by the beauty with true lining, my schoolgirl saw the rate with enchanted metropolis. The constabulary figure with the smooth below the pine is spell able and agile, two people are looked at very match, first love group is true well knock! 20220201111420 61f9160ccd7fe 20220201111421 61f9160d20001 Rhythm of whole department theatrical work feels very good, and neither of suspense, love by accident, be being chased after still is pretty is cool, attribute the teleplay kind that the men and women likes. 20220201111421 61f9160d5f190 ? ? East city nightmare20220201111421 61f9160d9d5c1 This is drama of year public praise, fabaceous valve 8.9 minutes. Also be goddess the teleplay that act goes out first after 10 years are being lain between when Kate Winslet. 20220201111422 61f9160e75a97 Regard a suspense as drama, anuresis of careful of whole journey gut is nodded, complete an acting is online. A small town, one picket homicide case, each conceive the adult of sinister design, the teenager with disagreeable behavior, everybody has suspicion, every role is stereo and full. 20220201111422 61f9160ec4949 Female advocate it is Mare of the small member that press down policewoman, the Loser of a domesticity. Must say, is the acting of Kate true? ? ? ? , she in wide system of the body in drama messy, canthus bestrews slovenly of fat, hair furrow, is you dare believe this in those days the Rose of fairy descend to the world? 20220201111423 61f9160f076d8 This drama does not belong to the sort of suspense drama that burns a brain, just began to be able to feel a bit laggard even, but see more wonderful more. Do not do too much drama to appear, developing the acting like Kate natural and smooth writing to also be worth to see very much anyway. 20220201111423 61f9160f19acf 20220201111423 61f9160f611a0 ? ? Convict alliance20220201111423 61f9160fac74f Amazon together the England that BBC makes is comedic. A flock of life flecked people, be together compulsively to finish social service to make, acquaintance epigenesis is the friend’s story. 20220201105153 4 lawyers, Oxford obtains scholarship learn bully girl, draw near go bankrupt the company boss of disposition, zealous the black aunt that objects the colour bar, Black people that has drag in with sinister gang is young sophisticate of elder brother, reform of criminals through labour as form of a address for an official or rich man the father’s younger brother, net that brings discharge oneself is red young lady elder sister. Short 1 collect 7 main character fictile is very stereo, and the social ticket that each are shown axiomatically. 20220201105154 20220201105155 I return pretty to like this kind of great master recumbent bagatelle goes, of the small scene theatrical work that because friendship is mutual and warm,supports each other again. And of flower type sneer at with from black also added to leap many window and laugh at a dot, spring Festival holiday can look, graph happy. 20220201105156 ? ? Germinant20220201105157 Come finally a homebred drama press an axis. ” germinant ” it is really it is good to brought to the homebred drama this year germinant. 20220201105158 Content basically is to flow indefinitely + airtight space + riddle. Told about a men and women advocate after the bus bursts, experience was immersed in time loop, mix at the same time Azrael race, prevent explosion at the same time. 20220201105159 Each market makes me so nervous that be no good, “Stay up late Xiu Xian ” brush 8 collect repeatedly, stop no less than coming at all. Fortunately this week has been updated entirely, begin to chase after now very appropriate. The proposal begins to brush by day, get all night otherwise, with a ha breath out haing haing ~20220201105160 Yan Zhi pass a barrier of online, acting, the CP of Xiaobai and wheat barley is very good also knock. Besides, the show share of costar special also give prize. The Liu Dan that a the Liu Yijun of Yi Zhengyi evil, eyes makes a person shudder… if you are returned,had not seen this play, taking the advantage of Spring Festival holiday to fill rapidly make up a missed lesson. 20220201105161 20220201105162 Above is today share, is there what you like? Or what theatrical work are you seeking? Comment area tells me. Finally, wish everybody the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day is happy! END ABao of network of | of origin of picture of wet nurse of A of editor assistant | lives seriously, the Lifestyle media person that work hard. Spend the lover that protect skin again, not beautiful what cannot go out is maiden. And, in mom of a peppery in son eye. Life of childe of treasure of Life Bgz2012 of Haha~ treasure childe

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