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Original title: Why ” Si Teng ” explode after fire, of Jing Tian ” the city of time ” however fire arrives after the half dumb fire Do not know how to many person still remembers once capital 4 beauty? Capital inside 4 beauty, once the range that limelight showed to had dropped N line to star nowadays without the Gan Wei of 2 and Bai Bing temporarily, han Xue is some closer year it is program of put together art attend than frequent, return exclusively now active the last beauty in industry of movie and TV remained the Jing Tian with eyebrow picturesque eye only.

20220201111456 61f91630a68d7

And mention Jing Tian, must she mixed say say 2021 Zhang Binbin acts the leading role together ” Si Teng ” , 2021 March 8, jing Tian is being taken ” Si Teng ” exceeded for an instant like a dark horse that likes a horizontal sky to be born contemporaneous heating up sow ” do not want to disturb me to learn ” , ” accompany you to be brought up together ” , ” drive grants small Wu, ascended contemporaneous teleplay smoothly not only heat sows the first of rate, and still got Yuan Chao other on annual prize-giving ritual the multinomial honor of 4 work.

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Without doubt, ” Si Teng ” be a success, and its successful nature is little not Jing Tian’s helping, she is picturesque the Yan Zhi like, tall absolutely acting and ideal person are set into ” Si Teng ” the largest window, can go because just be met,person of quite a few sees this play namely. And 2022 January, in ” Si Teng ” Yu Wen still is done not have fitly before coming loose completely, jing Tian was brought hand in hand with Xu Weizhou again ” the city of time ” .

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Tell true, ” the city of time ” a few part also follow before ” Si Teng ” same exciting, one collect drops food of dog of a nutrition, below one collect makes a few again wonderful dot, anyhow is all sorts of little detail, small expression is handled very ably, subsequently and those who come is viewing rate is brief rise. Is why saying brief? Because from ” the city of time ” the 5th collect begins, gut respect begins to become pull hip, male advocate the person on Rong Jia is set, do not have a law to look simply, now and then making fun of handsome outfit cruel to accompany Gao Leng is to be able to add cent really, but if install too overdid, teleplay also begins gut collapse, begin overall collapse.

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And knowing is director ability end, still be the play leaves high low go, ” the city of time ” the kiss play in is a bit too much, female advocate Feng Shizhen and male advocate this is familial to having on Rong Jia the person of animosity unexpectedly bout is unripe, 2 cultivated land from meet to become a lover with respect to can jealous personal enemy, and after becoming a lover, the hug nodded accident nature to also become all in the day’s work then, should say the hug also was embraced, still slant should want on the kiss of 5 two to lie between 3 fork, as if if take out kisses play, do not know ” the city of time ” how should undertake going down, it is to want much Ga to have much Ga really.

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The bang in Pi said so big one caboodle, actually the in short is ” the city of time ” gut is too set, be equivalent to half new the software before one is being assembled 229 years inside not old computer hardware and crust, actors are hardware, the play is the software of computer. Excuse me is small the clumsy that compile a key point, whole department ” the city of time ” inside, have besides Jing Tian famous degree and besides the position that is in star of a gleam of, make Wei Zhou and the actor via exceeding and so on like that what, listen to had not heard of repeatedly!

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Not be to say the acting of these new face to be no good, because make Wei Zhou be not done really,resemble however ” Si Teng ” the Zhang Binbin in can rise to add to Jing Tian in that way oppose action, add this kind thereby oppose action from the men and women advocate whole department theatrical work diffuses on the body, xu Weizhou can compare Zhang Binbin to want difference in this respect too far. And want respecting software, must carry ” the city of time ” slick way, what kills the enemy of father, the children of personal enemy liked to go up the other side, add up to the two people in closing to repair Cheng Zhengguo finally in cent cent next.

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This kind of set person sets the director that has been had successively held the posts of to give play bad. Do not feel audience people it is fool, always ground of a change in form but not in content is added with new actor old old the gut that covers a region, deceive who.

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What can let a person accept least of all is ” the city of time ” content had broken away from reality, those strong presidents, amorous female advocate in, look at really uninteresting, although actors again how exert to one’s utmost, but the hard injury of the play has been over there, even if Jing Tian, also cannot let ” the city of time ” picture ” Si Teng ” in that way conflagration spy fire. Final, directors grow mug-up, always do some of teleplay of slick way hundreds of years ago to come out to expel the word of the audience, you can take a theatrical work, dumb fire of a drama.

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