Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Archives of Spring Festival of 8 films contend, the film market this year is very hot Archives of Spring Festival of 8 films contend, spot of city of | of very hot origin achieves the film market this year to be not reprinted please without accredit formerly compete every year movie of the most intense Spring Festival archives began formally, began at 0 o’clock from January 31 now, how is the market of movies of Spring Festival grade behaved? Understand together.

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Feburary 1 in the morning, the reporter visits cinema of Nanchang much home to understand, two films that ginseng of 1000 royal seal performs easy melt held movies of Spring Festival grade to discharge piece half of country. ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” row piece occupy comparing also is be as high as 30% above, opened to booking booking office to also had broken through 470 million yuan.

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Audience: Lake of that long ferry treated before, next we want to look, its follow-up can have what kind of development, also be to see easy melt next 1000 royal seal, I feel no matter when, need to accept patriotic education.

Besides these two films, give priority to with the child should getting numerous cartoon also was to hold fixed share.

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Audience: Take dot to see bear appear and disappear, annual, necessary, he at ordinary times lesson burden is heavier, next as it happens is the Spring Festival, accompany him to come out to look, satisfy his desire.

Face Spring Festival archives exceeds much stronger market competition pattern this year, very much audience also is the plan that expresses to have picture of the view that buy a ticket for many times.

Audience: Preparation sees two, the 2nd has not thought good, the comedy that myself can see Shen Teng piece, because happy spend good year, the Spring Festival predicts is two go to 3, dot, adult two.

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