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Original title: ” manslaughter 2 ” ” male lion teenager ” the line on take turns, the Spring Festival is good a ceaseless archives! Spring Festival files is old 2022 it may be said is the immortal fights, wen Muye, Zhang Yi is sought, the collective of an excellent work of the director such as old paean is shown, some of this New Year looked!

20220201120314 61f921825e413

Courtyard line is big contend for Xiang Douyan, happy inspect video to also unwilling to lag behind, zhao Wenzhuo acts the leading role ” tattoo the skin ” / equestrian Li Changyuan acts the leading role ” Li Mao changes prince ” / Xiaoyangrendahua acts the leading role ” manslaughter 2 ” wait for many essence. Never leave home to be mixed below the environment of exceeding safety folk is common just crack with teeth in mouth of Lao of meal view shadow, why bad ~ ” tattoo the skin ” on January 30 at 16 o’clock head sow

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The town of military importance of Chinese southwest salt industry 1935, faction struggle is constant, wind and cloud stranges and changeful. One tattooes the skin the Great Master A Chang with masterly craft, be involved in an interlink that is in underworld society in the light of him is assassinated. The take turns circumvent of mysterious force, in former days brothers is betrayed for oneself selfish desire, all sorts of misunderstanding step by step press hard on, when prosperous waiting for A discovers germ of all these plot, had been body defect hopeless situation. To let daughter subsist, he chooses to fight with one’s back to the river-fight to win or die… Zhao Wenzhuo personate is a Yi Zhengyi evil, firm soft and of aid tattoo the skin master, besides Chinese tradition on tussle wushu still joined contemporary fistfight. There still is France besides Zhao Wenzhuo on the actor ” run cruel ” star of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance defends ยท Bell greatly join in. Li Mao changes prince on Feburary 1 at 10 o’clock head sow rich home female Yang Jiazhen (Ma Li is acted the role of) with small catch fast Li Mao (Chang Yuan is acted the role of) get married, although conjugal love of husband and wife, but cannot get domestic precious parents from beginning to end approbate. Li Mao discovers him accidentally unexpectedly with when face prince appearance identical, one wants to be obtained into palace rising, one thinks up palace to gain freedom, 2 people exchange the identity, do not know however one step by step in the plot of a high official in ancient China of be involved in… manslaughter 2 provisional on Feburary 2 at 10 o’clock head sow

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Lin Rilang (Xiao Yang is acted the role of) with wife A Ling (Wen Yongshan is acted the role of) , son small bug (Wang Hao lustre is acted the role of) live poor all the time but happy life, till the son small bug breaks out an accident to be badly in need of cure, after many setbacks, the Linrilang of have no way out decides to let go to help a son one wrestle. He made plan of day of a Jing. . . . . ” manslaughter 2 ” in, chen Saicheng continues to hold the position of supervise the manufacture of, xiao Yang continues to hold the position of a main actor, had filmed ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” the Dai Mo of new personality director of net drama holds a knife, continued ” manslaughter ” the creation mode of series head ministry. Male lion teenager on Feburary 4 at 10 o’clock head sow

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This told about dog of A Juan of teenager staying behind and cat of good friend A, A to be in retire lion king salty fish grooms by force next attending dance lion match, through heavy go through the mill, turn hero into the growing story of lion from sick cat. Lily magnolia: Horizontal sky is born on Feburary 6 at 10 o’clock head sow

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Lily magnolia serves as army in gave a name ” thorn head ” [5] , than the man beside more pretty is more horizontal [5] , although excel in of skill in wushu [5] , but when enlisting ” when the magnifico, contend for a face for Home Laohua ” the desire fails to come true tardy however [6] . In the task that slips into enemy battalion in Gu body, tight encirclement of her body defect, danger is as unripe as annulus. At this moment, a bigger plot is rising to surface: Who is the enemy, who is a friend… once loved each other us on Feburary 11 at 16 o’clock head sow

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Once made the day that go all out together, let Alan of two new men and womens (Chen Bailin is acted the role of) He Mengjie (Guo Caijie is acted the role of) acquaintance loves each other, they learned to cry together gradually, laugh together, the habit like nurturance. Love each other simple, but it is too difficult to get along, as the training of the life, first love goes to be dangered by fritter away however final margin… besides above wonderful piece besides sheet, was about to go up on Feburary 11 line classical brush the 100 beautiful theatrical work that treat form of Top of not tire of surely, expect!

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