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Original title: Look ” between the world ” affection, affection of 6 gentleman brother, zhou Bingyi love and week father love female passion ” between the world ” heat is sowed, because its have a strong lineup, the ordinary members of theatrical troupe that make is high grade, production just is opposite viewing rate very know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is angry, main actors also think this drama is the work that can stay, many actors act with joining for flourish, because this is their father generation people story, it is for to father generation people greeting, we might as well the friendship in talking about drama slowly, love and close affection. 6 gentleman: The Xiao Guang of brotherly affection Cai that a pork causes provided a good news, the society of supply and marketing that is in a suburb has a batch not to need by the ticket by the par pork that can buy originally, but can buy by fan only, cannot talk jin say, still give voluntarism to look for the friend that be close friends to be bought together to Zhou Bingkun, everybody partakes charge, everybody can give the dot is bought to spend the New Year in the home used pork.

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Zhou Bingkun searched grandson overtake, Xiao Guoqing, Cao Debao, Lv Chuan, be fellow worker of hair small become reconciled, lv Chuan called Tang Xiangyang again, because he wants to learn maths, the mom of exposed to the sun of the Tang Dynasty of as it happens is mathematical teacher, literacy rate of Tang Xiangyang also compares them a few tall, developing the master on this study, this kind of meddlesome Lv Chuan is thinking to take him

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These 6 boy collect prepare to buy pork together together, it is difficult that we often say to have blessing is enjoyed together become together, everybody spends the New Year to want to eat the meat, if be bought with the ticket, the likelihood can want to grasp female Mom is same, scattered talent save money a few, but if buy,became this, that one can be divided on small 20 jins, this is to blessing was enjoyed together absolutely.

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The process that buys the pork is not successful, major audience had not been experienced seventies, they waited one day fully, pork did not arrive tardy, the individual waits impatiently, move directly thick the product vent one’s anger that takes company of supply and marketing, but Zhou Bingkun moved to prevent the person that does a thing, man-to-man be defeated win bad to say, good brother goes up together, that is a person much power is great.

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such not only those who appeased make trouble, whole still because company of supply and marketing did not call,understanding is refrigeratory just does not have deliver goods so, grasp female did good thing really, it is good to cent pork that the staff member of company of supply and marketing stems from acknowledgment to still help them, this is good person has good cable, see this paragraph clue, I feel to hold out joy, the person of that times is very simple, also very guileless, say like Zhou Bingkun, oneself are not to think up limelight, think old Mom to take pork namely come home, make Mom glad, let pa and brother elder sister eat on the flesh.

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This thing does so well, let a youth feel unitive power, constituent force, this catchword also cries came out: Later we a few ah, it is 6 gentleman, our in the future, blessing is enjoyed together! Have become hard together! Midnight of these a few boys is in alley child in Ao Ao calls catchword to still tease me really. Be lovely! Gou Fugui does not forget: Zhou Bingyi is right of Hao Dongmei take on Zhou Bingyi style of writing is good, father is builder, his family part is good, be led greatly by medium, want to move him to become a secretary, director Yao says this is the sky drops pasty, this kind of opportunity will must be captured, man career is attached most importance to, but accept transfer order to have a premise, that is Zhou Bingyi must follow Hao Dongmei to part company, because of identity problem of Hao Fu.

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Laoyao is a good person, those who say is plain truth, plain truth is Rangbingyi parts company, because tone went,be deputy round duty active service, oneself were become 20 years of arms just arrive this degree, the man still wants to be attached most importance to with the career, want to need effort of talent, need successfully, but also need lot, if do not have this luck, you have talent to also want a nest to be here again hard again, boil step by step go down.

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But Zhou Bingyi refus received this pasty, laoyao asks him after all why, zhou Bingyi said two reasons, because because the great disparity of domestic condition abandons him,be done not have before Hao Dongmei,be, this is a kind of mutual affection, 2 because oneself love wintry plum really,be, at manage at affection he won’t raise duty hand because of his, this moment parts company wintry plum is very difficult subsist.

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Know Zhou Bingyi rejected transfer order for oneself, hao Dongmei is touched very much, but what she also spoke herself is self-abased, this kind self-abased because,be self-respect, this temporarily those temporarily, say with respect to director resembling Yao, need time goes solving a lot of things, the problem of father of Hao winter plum can get settlement certainly, their difficulty also is temporary. But, seventies, that special history period, how many youth abandoned his sweetheart because of his future? This kind of love, I am touched very much.

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Arrive from Chongqing Guizhou, the old father love to the daughter 3 years of time, zhou Rong married in Guizhou, married poet of a Beijing, age is very old, zhou Fu does not excuse her all the time, think this girl treason and heresy, not filial, but most those who be fond of a daughter also is him, good not easy when holiday, old father did not return northeast old home, went however Guizhou, go seeing that son, if be a good person, he admitted.

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When leaving home a few years ago, zhou Rong still is a girl, she says she wants to become a teacher, she is very clever very filial also, it is photon even piece the most good-looking girl, parents does not agree with her go to the countryside at that time, be afraid of her to be bullied namely, did not think of she loves last poets covertly, go so honor permits no turning back.

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Eventually still is not at ease, just want oneself to go so Guizhou looks, the condition that knows Guizhou is a mountainous area all the way is difficult, zhou Fu special all the time dignified, although in the home difficult also, oneself are very painstaking also, but it think of the daughter lived a few years in the past is so difficult to think of the daughter lived a few years in the past, the sort of mood is particularly complex, our old actor acts well really. 4 wool 81 jins pork, the salary of two money, go company of supply and marketing shops by the ticket, these are the memory of the times, when be being interviewed like actors, say, the times is different, but affection is same, do not think too much, walk into a part, look for diagonally color to affective enters the mouth and be exported, that is the milk of human kindness between the world.

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Mi Zhendong has acted before the actor that acts Feng Huacheng, in that drama he has feminine reason, the woman is opposite of his be dead set, to this drama Zhou Rong is opposite he or be passionately devoted, performer teacher is really blessed. ” between the world ” origianl work space is longer, there also are 58 markets after movie and TV is changed, can tell story of 50 years slowly, the friend asks, you say Zhou Jiasan sibling passes Dou Ting is well finally, if a good outcome, I am chased after. This is of a lot of audiences probably expect, hope a such kind-hearted Everyman, in historical onrush, spend superior time. ” between the world ” since interprets sentiment, also be to tell struggle, also be the life of course better and better.

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