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Original title: ” lens twin city ” is adult of the person that ferocious true identity exposure? This detail is foreshadowing, with Bai Wei empress is concerned! Article of # of Su Mo of twin city of lens of # plum easy peak / Luo Xiaoke is become by course of study of Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi, Zheng, Yang Zhiwen, bang is wide the ancient costume drama that waits for a main actor ” lens pair, homonymic novel adapts month of dark blue of this drama basis, the story of sweet love is harvested after telling about cross of shark person Su Ma and classics of all previous of the wife of a prince of empty mulberry prince. Gut is at present more and more wonderful, the road of the love with Bai Ying was full of Su Ma to be mixed zigzag rough, two people know a lot from beginning to end however not dicey, forward in the heart that bundle crepuscular run hard. And the destiny of small part also makes a person sigh with emotion, adult of the person that ferocious comes on the stage every time mysterious Mo Ce, he is wearing a cap to show half pieces of face only, after all what is true identity? The young associate that has seen origianl work people know probably, bai Ying’s preexistence is Bai Wei, as the offspring of the Bai nationality, the bear on her body is worn prospective mission and responsibility. And the one’s life experience that the person that ferocious Yours Excellency has a suggestion early however, this actor’s lines is the answer, the star that he is on the make honour emperor, with Bai Wei empress is concerned, there is the reason that indissoluble between two people!

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Regard actual strength of cloud barren earth as the most powerful role, adult of the person that ferocious gives a person the sense of mysterious Mo Ce all the time, he always shows half pieces of face only, a few words all shows Gao Leng. And adult of the person that why to ferocious should help true haze prince? The reason is not accidental, he once was astral honour emperor, and the descendant that Zhen Lan is him. In the character with boundless air of dark blue month, zhen Lan is stubborn exist persistently again, his enterprise is extremely strong, yearn for can of empty mulberry of some day emersion brilliant with pride. But time brings a great change to the worlds is unpredicatable, empty mulberry was immersed in long-unseen crisis, and astral honour emperor abandons loving truly for the career however, empress of Bai Wei of the moment of truth dies cloudily, become the regret of mind eternity!

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Take seriously haze to distain the ground says, the person with cloud barren the strongest earth is astral honour emperor when, adult of the person that ferocious also cannot help answering again rancorred: “Bai Wei! Bai Wei empress! ” Bai Wei these two words, can awaken the memory of associate with of adult of the person that ferocious successfully, the soul that lets him finds the place that the heart brings, need not lead a wandering life from now on roam about. At that time, astral honour emperor high-spirited and vigorous, junior achieve one’s ambition, wish to let the world remember his, however oversight beside the most serious person.

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All the time since, bai Wei empress and star the green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse that honour emperor is each other, years of be innocent playmates is static good, sea emperor carry a torch is worn Bai Wei empress. Because do not conceal the envious heart in the heart, astral honour emperor moved to sea emperor, know to become aware after that after Bai Wei empress, she wants to avenge, sending to death however finally small at the moment. Although astral honour emperor got successfully wanting everything later, still became emperor of empty mulberry found a state, lost precious lover however. Bai Wei discovered the meanness of his in one’s heart and selfishness, two people cannot return origin, he often is mixed in compunction alive vexed in, the holy daughter that Bai Wei empress is exactly like appearance below illicit feather candle regards as vicarious.

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Compare the Bai Ying that has Yong Youmou relatively, the experience of Bai Wei empress is apparent more rough pathos, love is admittedly important, but bearing just is a bottom line. Astral honour emperor regret having done sth, cannot change reality however, the other day nocturnal night is missing day Bai Wei empress, however have no alternative gradually waste time, 2 words become Bai Wei to written guarantee for the biggest heart eventually. Probably, bai Wei and star honour emperor is idea is bad smooth, dan Baiying and Su Ma are mixed because of joint pursuit however target, ending after suffering comes happiness, in the flower was embraced in bramble all the way! Everybody is close people, you how is look upon Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi, Zheng Yecheng, bang wide wait for main actor teleplay ” lens twin city ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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