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Original title: He ever was TVB gold costar, abjection when come on the stage cost only 300 yuan, rely on to straighten break up red return afresh! Speak of Mai Changqing this name, a lot of people are not very familiar probably, he once was the gold costar of Hong Kong TVB, piece had performed a lot of classical teleplay. For instance ” on the west travel notes ” the sanded monk in, ” day dragon 8 ” of the You Tan in, the famousest still is to belong to ” Yi Haihao affection ” medium Liang Fei altogethers, and 2010 by right of this part behead won many optimal male supporting rule. At this late hour that one ” excrement, bridge is extraordinary ” remain netizens of take delight in talking about classical.

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But the destiny gets a person, in those days the Mai Changqing with infinite scene bears debt embroil because of the wife however, facilities equipment is stricken be hidden by snow all the time. One when circulate on the net at that time comes on the stage fee table, indication wheat comes on the stage evergreenly cost is 300 Hongkong dollar only. Final and helpless the TVB that left effectiveness 33 years, after turning to begin deal all right, fail again. Till began to contact video platform 2020, just had improvement gradually. Be in one explodes recently in igneous short, netizens saw Mai Changqing’s figure again.

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This the name is ” road of useless earth ” explode laugh at highway short, told about a pair of father and son to spend the New Year the story on road coming home. Film set swims in the hand ” after tomorrow ” useless earth world, in the times that goods and materials shorts an eccentric person runs amuck, the mankind is forced to migrate shelter city begins to live. Piece in Mai Changqing instinctive quality goes out perform leading role ” extraordinary elder brother ” , with game advocate those who sow aubergine personate ” bridge aubergine ” partner of compositive father and son. The aubergine 18 years ago just was born that momently, was taken to leave human home by father, live all the time outer adrift life. Because,all these is ” extraordinary elder brother ” fatal error brings about an eccentric person to break through home, from now on open shuts mode oneself, excuse oneself hard from beginning to end.

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But father is father from beginning to end, look at a son 18 years to did not spend the New Year too, opposite of resolved still face is gone to, take him to return once that home. All the way 2 people encountered father and son ” god of useless earth song ” gluten elder brother, ” blackmarket boss ” the person such as couple of wool of king master wool, performed another classical name occasion. “Extraordinary elder brother ” acting is all the time in short online, serve as especially ” god of useless earth Ju ” , his a chain of fire movement natural and smooth writing, look the exercise that also experienced countless times rear.

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The story did not end to here, the second half of film paragraph ” extraordinary elder brother ” the Sir of Tan of old team leader that faces oneself (Tan Qiao personate) , kind and enmity of 18 years is in vanish completely instantly, both sides is put down it is good to ill feeling to be attributed to again, the extract that two people mad hurricane makes fun of also let a person see the drive respecting property of old show bone. Although ” road of useless earth ” the definition is to do laugh piece, bury in drama stalk countless joke are ceaseless. But affection is right definitely extract did not fall from beginning to end, probably ” extraordinary elder brother ” also carry this part just about, the life that deduced oneself is rough.

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As to ” road of useless earth ” gut, small make up no longer drama was appeared. This short gathered each net Gong Mingxing and everybody’s familiar network straightens, the day of the line swept across B station home page on, be worth completely to look. The hand swims ” after tomorrow ” also go up line the gut that is the same as a paragraph plays a way, before interested young associate mights as well, go trying!

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