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Original title: Go out not to have black makings for years, he deserves all one’s life to flow when the top! Recreation spreads attention of group of big burst entertainment alone article classics accredit is reprinted from beautiful beautiful recreation (Fcwm520) TVB but can hide really, 27 years! Just give off 95 edition recently unexpectedly ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” the titbits that make. The elegance and talent of a few main actors in titbits luxuriant, each is in summit of Yan Zhi summit. Zhang Keyi is 25 that year person of Cheng Ying that act years old, skin Bai Li is bright. Ever was in ” pink young woman ” in the Zhang Yan of personate man old woman, calm makeup illuminate super beauty, do not imagine she is so so good-looking. The spruce Ming Yan of actor Fu Mingxian charming that acts Guo Fu, special joint this part, no wonder is praised to be ” the most beautiful Guo Fu ” . If vicious people face is like the Li Mo anxious of peach blossom,still have dignified a surname green calyx, heart, each have each beauty. Really strange, how does the actor previously have a characteristic so? This play is ancient costume of contact of actor first time, the play staff invites classical dancing teacher to give lessons, let them master ancient costume gesticulation and figure. Of such intention make, the likelihood also won’t have again after. Spend as a result of this drama countryman too tall, titbits causes heat one piece to discuss immediately, everybody cares the current situation that has a few main actors in succession. Take things too hard still is done not have to suntan when Gu Tianle Gu Tianle performs Yang Guo, silk of hair of Shuai Delian root calls popular feeling to move. Can not become chocolate look a few years. 2001, ancient season happy show last play in Tvb ” search Qin Ji ” , obtain inspect in those days emperor, later end an agreement leaves. After leaving Tvb, gu Tianle mixes the unboiled water that get wind to rise in moviedom, take next shadow emperor for many times, the skin is blacker and blacker also… Gu Tianle is shadow group old man now, wait for a person with Liu Dehua, Liu Qingyun often go into battle acts male advocate, bring about actor of film of harbor of the chamfer that be spat new personality of too old, lack! Gu Tianle also does not wish such, run the shadow that it is harbor searchs an outlet for many times, take out gigantic endowment lose money in business invests, money is sent to rock-bottom actor during epidemic situation each 9000, the Hong Kong film that is go from bad to worse only can subsist. 20220201120902 61f922de3c5a5 Gu Tianle also actor of Hong Kong of constant guide and support, especially the actress that the age lacks the market greatly relatively, for instance Xuan Xuan. He and announce Xuan are lad of 25 years, because the relationship is close, often hearsay two people are a pair already. No matter true and false, hope the time of ancient young passes sweetly! Temperament of Li Retong Li Retong gives this world, perform small Long Nv again appropriate nevertheless, but fine actor won’t be stayed in by part casing, she is in later Zhou Xing gallop Yi Nan acts in the film also female great villain in drama, same Jing is colourful. ” day dragon 8 ” medium Wang Yuyan, ” Yang Men daughter will ” medium Yang Bamei, be her is classical make. So beautiful woman, fall in love with however big oneself man of 20 years old — wealthy businessman Guo Yingquan. Somebody guesses Li Retong does obeisance to gold, actually quietly elegant of Li Retong individual character, became star also does not love to buy luxury, inn of Chang Quping price shops. It is Li Retong probably in 10 brother elder sister people in seniority the 7th, get parental care rarely, just can fall in love with big oneself a lot of men. Li Retong is docile and obedient to Guo Yingquan, guo Yingquan does not like her to take sport, she stops the work, want to act in a play really, write an one caboodle reason. Failure of Guo Yingquan business has owed 100 million debt, she does not leave do not abandon, pat play to help repay a debt. Such compromise out of consideration for the general interest, li Retong still was parted company. 2008, guo Yingquan a disposition shoulds not, ended amour 10 years. Past for a long time, li Retong just is walked out of from pain. Li Retong of 55 years old is fond of fitness now, now and then come out to act in a play, regard the elder sister’s child as one’s own, active and optimistic condition, look reach be at ease already in the past! 20220201120902 61f922de508f1 Experience of one’s life experience of Fu Mingxian Fu Mingxian and Guo Fu very resemble, maternal Shi Hui is surnamed originally grandson, hearsay is descendants division of Sun Zhongshan is bastard female. Shi Hui is the big star of 50 time, because devote into industry of Great Wall movie, be thought of with Xia Meng, Chensai and say ” the Great Wall 3 princesses ” . Xia Meng is that goddess that lets Jin Yong bear in mind constantly, the prototype of role of the woman in a lot of novels. Father teacher of Fu Mingxian surprises also is an actor, lofty and handsome a gleam of is small unripe, with Shihui a perfect match between a man and a girl becomes husband and wife very quickly by the colleague. Two 60 time are husband and wife beat back England is on street demonstrate, in pairs is arrested put in prison, sat one year prison. The two people after a twists and turns exit screen, shi Hui becomes countrywide National People’s Congress to represent in 80 time, fu Ji opens firm of movie and TV from business, hold in both hands red Li Lianjie. Fu Mingxian acceded parental great reputation and fine-looking, acting is pretty good also, ” the drunk branch that make gold ” in cowardly high-grade Shaoxing, 95 edition ” knife of small Li Fei ” in evil-minded Lin Xian, behave very well. Company regard highly she, arrange a lot of rare opportunities to her, nevertheless Fu Mingxian did not perform play a few years, marry with wave of sword of leaf of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight plute. Fu Mingxian likes puppy, 6 dogs were taken when marrying ” dowry ” , it is good that Xie Jianbo says the madam is happy only. 8 years, fu Mingxian because put in prison of crime of foliaceous sword wave and he divorces, mix later small oneself 10 years old rich Bin of 2 acting banker mentions sister younger brother to love. Banker Bin is right she very madly, but object because of banker person, can part company only. Leave young male friend, fu Mingxian continues to spend free time, do not know namely why, take things too hard runs face-lifting, did not have completely in those days fair look! If agree to insist to act in a play in those days, also can not become father and mother definitely in that way big star. Li Qi red photograph relatively Fu Mingxian, red hardship of actor plum figured woven silk material is much, 13 years old come out to work subsidize family expenses, ji Jun of harbor elder sister goes out. Li Qi is red dedicated take sport, guo Fei comes out to hear with Zhong Hanliang only inside the circle. 98 years, li Qi is red Jin Ma be resemblinged by gold nominates together award. Soon before Lu Guangming, li Qi is red mix because of familial heredity however actuating pressure, suffer from go up to be spent again depressed, want commit suicide even, be obliged to quit the job. Li Qi’s red foreign country male friend accompanies her all the time, she married with male friend after disease is good. Li Qi is red later also want to reappear take sport, but the time that miss is too much, recreation encircles new personality to come forth in large numbers, have her place hard. Li Qi is red stay in godchild of Canadian photograph husband. And learned nurse major, work in children spirit division. Can go up too the day of insipid happiness, very god-given also. Zhang Keyi Zhang Keyi experiences twist likewise, ceng Yin disease is retired. She may be ” divine carve ” the achievement in actress is top, lucky ground is active at time of harbor drama gold, 3 years because of ” 949 honour ” obtain after inspecting. The originator that deduced palace to fight theatrical work again before long ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” , when taking this sport, zhang Keyi suffers from on thyroiditis, face and neck are swollen to cannot continue to pat, must cutout reduces show share. Zhang Keyi is forced shutdown two years, experience father to die again, get great blow. Same, the recreation with intense competition of irresistibility of the Zhang Keyi after reappearing is encircled, career not answer at the outset, take sport rarely. She 51 years old remains the same nowadays lone, she falls in love with the hearsay early or late financial Cai Jun, and mix hematic stylist Sino-Frenchly, die without known cause. Come out with wealthy old woman Miss Deng again later same sex red is heard, nevertheless by her herself severity was denied. To love, the attitude of Zhang Keyi and announce Xuan is similar, look forward to but do not importune, it is the most important to enjoy instantly. See these actors, moral integrity elder sister can’ts help plainting: In those days actor too give power, recreational group can go backwards 30 years really, it is good to should have many! Toward period handpick is this to want to answer harbor to scoop up gold again? Hold in both hands by force old not fire, perform a broken bits male give a group? Suffering is boiled come forward eventually for years, abandon as expected broken bits male starting a career just is the most handsome!

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