Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Xie Na dispatch wishs to jump jump joy of spruce spruce birthday shares 4 years to experience when Mom

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Late on Feburary 1, the twin daughter that thanks graceful dispatch to be 4 years old jumps jump spruce spruce celebrate unripe, share the experience that oneself become mother. Thank graceful dispatch: Right now, I just fooled lovely small bud slept, today is to jump jump spruce spruce birthday, and small bud is participated in today sense is very strong, seem to emphasizing, she also is leading role. Father for company jumps jump spruce spruce siesta has not waked, they the small vermicelli made from bean starch that now can be father, want father to be in only can set his mind at Mian. The birthday that today is them 4 years old, I did mom of 4 years. Occasionally special self-confidence, occasionally special be thwarted, occasionally very tender, can get angry occasionally. The daughter sees me now complexion is incorrect can say: “Mom is fastened anxious, irrespective. ” I feel to blush secretly, how even does the daughter come stable oneself mood? Alas, I must be cheered. When I washed gargle to them last night, jump jump the corners of the mouth that discovers me has a blain, she asks me: “What is that? ” I say: “That is the blain that anxious get angry grows mom, you want darling obedient, do not make mom anxious grow blain blain. ” jump jump to want carefully to admit to ask really: “My some moment is urgent also, how to grow blain blain? ” they can ask a lot of interesting questions everyday, the word that can say warm heart also can say sad word. Mom’s bosom is very for instance warm; One day for instance I ask them with English: “Where Is The Rainbow? ” they are laughing to say: “Mom says English is good do laugh ah… ” I dare not believe ask them: “Where to do laugh? ” reply: “Oral speech soundvoice does laughing to breath out. ” my deadlocked is in place, cannot refute. 4 years, everyday mom is spent in joy and insecurity wear and growing, it is clearer and clearer to look at you to grow taller conversation more idea is increasing, bring a lot of a lot surprises everyday, and my many hope time can a bit slower, again a bit slower. I love most jump jump spruce, birthday joy, health grows, forever happy. [Heart] the mom that loves you!

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