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Original title: Sun Haiyang eats on round year of meal! They spoke New Year desire Last year on December 6, long parted after 57 days 0 14 years, the film ” dear ” archetypal Sun Haiyang is searched eventually child the dream is round, receive the warmest final result. Spent the New Year, sun Haiyang drive 5 times oneself from Shenzhen returned profit of inspect of native place Hubei, reunite with parents and close friends, the family is shipshape, spend happy festival time in all. Sun Haiyang says, the first when Sun Zhuo comes home year, cannot pass simply absolutely. The table in the home is too small, he wants try every means to clean out a piece of the oldest table, can accommodate below familial 229 people, “I like so lively family ” . The first reunion that looked forward to 14 years year, how is Sun Haiyang spent? Desire of what kind of New Year does the family have severally? On January 31 the New Year’s Eve, special program of country of total Taichun of central broadcasting television ” Chinese sound China year ” the Sun Haiyang that connect a line. 1, waited 14 years, a the New Year’s Eve eats Sun Haiyang midday round year of meal compere: Sun Yue, had spent the New Year. Be in in home of at the moment busy what? Yue of elder sister grandson: We are to just eat year of meal now, because of us here consuetudinary it is to eat year of meal midday. Clearing away now, next authority takes a rest. 20220201130129 61f92f290d056 2, Yue of elder sister grandson: The compere of a Spring Festival with the most satisfactory throughout history: A year when review the past, do you feel satisfactory? Sun Yue: I feel very satisfactory, be a Spring Festival with the most satisfactory throughout history. On January 19, after I come back to end segregation from abroad, that day in the evening we a 5 impediment meal of a reunion. That day, I see Sun Zhuo for the first time. 3, Sun Zhuo says the homework is more relaxed than before, round year help after the meal receive a table to sweep ground compere: Does Sun Zhuo still get used to present life? Sun Yue: He is on winter vocation now, the assignment that says the school wants by the side of Bishandongna actually a few more relaxed, study pressure is done not have so big, I feel he suits quite well. We have a group year meal, he also helps receive a table to sweep the floor, it is dry. Really special and sensible. 4, Sun Zhuo says when younger brother of summer vacation sister 3 people practice calligraphy together compere: A new year, what desire does the family have? Sun Yue: Hope family can laugh at a mouth to often leave, everything is successful. Additional, I want to had drilled the word again in a new year, sun Zhuo says when put summer vacation, he is taking I and Sun Hui we 3 people practice calligraphy together, had held out so, very satisfactory. 5, Sun Haiyang can look every year spring late compere: Can you also look in the evening spring late? Pay close attention to our program all the time? Sun Haiyang: We also are looking, spring we can watch evening every year. 6, Sun Haiyang is thanked ” reunion acts ” , wish tiger of the people of the whole country year happy compere: A lot of people feel for your family happy and proud, hope and your story is encouraged to belt of a lot of people, what word do you have to want to say to everybody? Sun Haiyang: This reunion year, I thank everybody, thank public security, acknowledgment 2021 ” reunion acts ” the effort that gives with the policeman that all participation. New Year arrived, I pay a New Year call to the people of the whole country, hope everybody tiger year happy, good luck! 20220201130129 61f92f2952563 The Sun Haiyang that △ joyance is in overtones 7, Sun Yue: Common heart handles outside attention, hope heat helps more child come home the high attention that faces numerous netizen, sun Yue passes ” Chinese sound China year ” say: “Spend the New Year this a lot of reporters are in in the home, I feel also is common heart goes treating, because heat is temporary for certain. But heat comes up from a certain degree saying is beneficial, come back from Sun Zhuo, till now, also already several children came home, I feel is very amazing thing. ” 8, Sun Haiyang a Sun Haiyang of respective New Year desire: I hope Sun Zhuo is returned everything suits quickly in the home, can resemble in one’s childhood same, happy. Our deal is great, sun Yue work is great, achievement of Sun Hui, Sun Zhuo is better and better. The mainest is the parent that a few have not find the child, hope their child can be found 2022, can mix I am same, with child fireside. Sun Zhuo: My hope is in a new year, the good friend can be made in new school, do well it is study, good to do oneself, best can long a few centimeters tall, can grow 1.8 meters. Peng Siying: My desire is very simple also, I do not seek large fortune, but the family must be mixed and beautiful, very harmonious. Sun Yue: Hope our home each person is happy, do not have too much trouble, can face a few little problems in the life, chang Le of content with one’s lot. Everybody present life already very good, go down happily too so everyday. Peng of reporter Piao Zhu Min illuminates Chen Liukan of Dai of Xu Yu Liu

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